"Monarchy is a part of state. It exists to serve the people"


A monarchy is a form of government which one person rules for life.

The government

The head of a monarchy are the monarchs. He or she represents a symbol of their countries history. It is good to have them around to remind all citizens of their countries history.

The monarchs aren't elected by the people, but inherit it from older generations.

Do citizens have the right to vote?

Yes, they do. In a constitutional monarchy citizens have every right to vote and have a bigger role in choosing who will create there laws and run the government of their country.

How laws are made

How laws are made in a monarchy is the king or queen (the monarchs) make up new laws for the good of the people. These laws are then passed by the legislature which is made up of the House of Commons and the House of lords.

The House of Commons are elected by of a body consisting of 650 members called the members of parliament. Each member hold their seat till parliament is dissolved.

Other countries in a Monarchy

Australia, Bahamas, and Canada

The leader of Australia is prime minister Tony Abbott

The leader of the Bahamas is chief executive Hubert Ingraham

The leader of Canada prime minister Stephen Harper

How is monarchy different then our own?

A monarchy is no different then the government I'm living in everyday. Each citizen has the right to do anything, but still has to go by the law. A monarchy isn't as bad as it seems. Yes, most monarchies don't let their citizens vote, but thats okay. At least they can do everything else.

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