Fifth Grade At Home Learning

Week of April 20 - April 24, 2020


We will be doing activities about the Mass for the next couple of weeks. You can review about the parts of the mass here.

Take a quiz about Celebrating the Mass on Edmodo.


Continue reading the articles on They are excellent comprehension practice and similar to the reading tests we take. Make sure you are giving text evidence when asked! If you are not receiving full credit on an answer, that may be why.

Don't forget to read your 20 minutes (or more) each day. Share what you read on Edmodo.

Listen to the chapters from The War I Finally Won!


Do SPELLING unit 31.

Answer the question of the day on Edmodo WRITING with complete sentences and proper mechanics.

Do 5 Minute GRAMMAR on Edmodo.


Do the math review posted on Edmodo each day and take the quiz on Friday.

Continue to practice your math skills on If there are skills on the reviews that you don't know how to do, practice them on ixl. If you need help, let me know!!


Watch Are Aliens Real? on Mystery Science.

Mystery Science

Do you think aliens are real? The question is posted on Edmodo. Discuss with your classmates what you think about this.

Extend: Draw a picture of what you think an alien might look like. What type of planet do they live on? Draw them in their habitat. Label the body parts that help them survive where they live. Post your picture on Edmodo.

Social Studies

Watch Liberty's Kids Episode 1.

When you have finished watching the episode, do the

"Liberty Kids-Episode 1-The Boston Tea Party" quiz on Edmodo.

(I attached a study sheet to my email so you have an idea of some of the questions.)


Exercises and Plank Heart rate Activity:

Dance…Chicken Dance, Hokey Pokey, Cowboy Boogie or put on some music and show off your moves!

Lesson Focus: Eye-hand coordination:

How long can you keep 2 balloons from touching the floor? How about 3? How many can you keep up? Use a wadded up piece of paper or stuffed sock if you don’t have balloons.


Create a “Memory” Game.

1. Cut paper into 28 rectangles and same size

2. Draw 4 of each: whole note, half note, quarter note, 8th note, 16th note,

treble clef, bass clef. One symbol on each card.

3. Play “Memory” or “Go Fish”.


Draw your name in “bubble letters” and design each letter in a different way.



Look for the PDF from Mrs. Heinrichs on Growth Mindset that was attached to my email.

Earth Day 2020

We won't be able to clean Tirrill Park as a school, but you can pretend clean in Michael, Michael, Go Recycle!

Watch video, Earth Day Carol. (a parody of A Christmas Carol)

ABC Countdown

Even though we are not at school physically, I would still like to count down the last days of school with the ABC Countdown. Starting this week, I will suggest an activity beginning with a letter of the alphabet, with A beginning this week and Z on the last day of school. Look for the A activity/activities on Edmodo this Wednesday!!

Memory Books

I usually do a memory book to commemorate our school year. It contains papers done by you and pictures, etc. that I add. Some of the activities for the ABC Countdown will go in the memory book (I will mark them as such). If you would like to complete a memory book, please complete those papers and return them to me. I will put your memory book together and see that you get it!!
Don't forget you can always do Seesaw, Boom Cards, Prodigy, and Learning Farm!!
As always, if you have any questions or need help with anything, please do not hesitate to email me!!

Mrs. Worden