The Milky Way Galaxy

The Home of Our Solar System By Kylee Thompson

What is The Milky Way Galaxy Made of? How Does it work?

Together The Milky Way Galaxy is made with at least 200 Billion Stars ( the most recent count of stars is 400 Billion). The objects in the Milky Way Galaxy Orbit the their center mass, also called " The Galactic Center". The shape is like a smallish disk with a blob in the center. The earth and we humans live in the milky way galaxy in the outer arms of it. It also takes the sun and our solar system roughly 200-250 million years to orbit ( go around) once around the Milky Way Galaxy. In this orbit, we and the rest of the Solar System are traveling at a velocity of about 155 miles/sec (250 km/sec).

What it contains

The Milky Way Galaxy contains the sun, earth, and other objects in the solar system. Also contains clouds of gas and dust. Constantly forms new stars. Has 27,000 light years across the center of it, light years are the distance that light travels in one year. 10 smaller galaxies orbit it like satilites moving around a planet. The spiral arms of our Milky Way contain interstellar matter (dust material between the stars). diffuse nebulae, and young stars and open star clusters coming from this matter.

More Information to Learn

Harlow Shapley ( 1885- 1972), an American astronomer, was the first person to estimate ( guess ) the size of the Milky Way Galaxy, as well as our position or place in the galaxy in the year of about 1918.
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The nearest Galaxies in The Milky Way Galaxy

How it got it's name ( The Milky Way Galaxy )

The Milky Way Galaxy got it's name from the Greeks calling it " Galaxies Kuklos" or The Milky Circle. Then, the Romans changed the name to " Via Lactea" or The Milky Road but, now we call it " The Milky Way".

There is a lot to learn about in the Milky Way Galaxy!!!!


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