The East Side

November 2020

Veterans Day Celebration

We love our veterans! Our annual Veterans Day Celebration is a special event, as well as one of the most meaningful of our school year. Unfortunately, the pandemic prevents us from having an in-house assembly; but, our Veterans Day team is coordinating with West Elementary for a special video presentation to be shared via our school sites and local news agencies.

In our classrooms, students will learn the value of our veterans and the importance of Veterans Day. While our special guests won't be on campus, they will be on our minds and in our hearts. We are grateful for all who served and for their families who supported their service.

FREE Breakfast & Lunch

As a reminder, all students can have breakfast and lunch AT NO COST here at EES. That's right, free breakfast and free lunch are available every day. Let our ladies in the CubCat Cafe save you time and money.