The Fifth Grade Times

Your connection to what's happening in fifth grade!

Important Dates

2/8 Pride Assembly

2/11 3rd Grade Musical Assembly

2/12 No School

2/15 School in session (Snow Make-up day)

2/16 Assembly

2/22 Study Island Benchmark

ELA and Social Studies with Mrs. Zech

As we head into February the students will be focusing on Figurative Language, Text Structures in both fiction and nonfiction text, and point of view. As we study our nonfiction skills, we will be studying the Southern Colonies and the causes of The American Revolution.

Reading journals are still to be turned in once a cycle. Your student's journal has their day cycle on it. Remember that if your child's journal is more than two days late, they will receive a zero on this assignment. They are given time in school and may work on this assignment at home.

An email was sent home on January 28th stating an opportunity for extra credit. This involves the students looking at the current assignments I have assigned under Zech Reading. If they have a blue ribbon, they already earned their point for that topic. I will be adding assignments throughout the marking period as a topic is taught in class. Please encourage your child to try to achieve these blue ribbons. Not only is it a great opportunity for extra credit, but it also helps to reinforce 5th grade topics that have been taught this year. They will earn 1 point for each blue ribbon earned by March 31st.

Math with Mr. Overmiller

We have begun Unit 5 of the Everyday Mathematics program. Skills of focus for the unit include: generating equivalent fractions for provided fractions, solving area problems that include fractions, adding and subtracting fractions
with different denominators, using proportions to solve part/whole problems, multiplying and dividing fractions and mixed numbers, and writing multiplication number stories for provided problems.

Students were pre-tested, using the evaluation tool they will, again, receive at the close of the unit. Feel free to ask them to show you the results, though I ask for them to have it with them at school (during the day). By looking at this, you will be able to best identify areas of need for your child and best utilize your time at home to help him/her grow and prepare, as we progress throughout the unit.

A reminder that fact fluency test #2 results were sent home with your child a few weeks back. These tests are meant to assist you with identifying facts where your child has not demonstrated strength and/or has room for growth. Please focus on the facts your child was not able to accurately answer, while avoiding the correct answers on those tests.

As always, a review of these skills has been provided through the Study Island Unit 5 Test Review. This assignment was formally presented to students on January 22nd. A due date will be announced at least one week prior to the unit test.

Another tool that we've recently provided to students is access to Sumdog, on computers. Students access this program with the same login and password information as they use for Study Island. This program provided a lengthy diagnostic test that responds to students' individualized strengths and weaknesses. It generates questions that target those weaknesses and does not allow students to "skip around" to avoid difficult questions.

Please remember, your child should be spending a minimum of twenty minutes each evening (weekends included) practicing an area of weakness (flash cards - may be orally practiced, home link pages, Study Island, Sumdog).

If you would have any questions about how to continue to best help your child at home, please do not hesitate to contact me as needed.

Thank you for your continued support!

Writing and Science with Mrs. Nemshick

In writing, we finished our Westward Expansion research papers! The students worked so hard on these, so please have your child celebrate what they’ve accomplished by having them read their writing piece to you. This marking period, we will be learning about how to write an argument essay. At the start of unit, students will investigate and write an argument essay about whether or not chocolate milk should be served in schools. At the end of the unit, students will get to choose a topic that they are passionate about to write for another essay.

For word work, we will be learning about the three different verbs, predicate nominatives, and predicate adjectives. We will continue to add information to our interactive notebooks.

In science, we are learning how geological processes shape the Earth’s surface. Once we are finished with that, we will be learning about how characteristics of different soils in the United States are affected by many factors. We will be doing a couple fun experiments with these lessons.

Note: Starting this Friday and every Friday, I will be uploading grades to Edline. Please keep checking your child’s progress and contact me if you have any questions.