The Holocaust

Killing of the Non-Germans

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What does the word Holocaust mean?

Killing of the Jewish and other populations by the Nazis and their contributors during World War 2.
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Who were the people that were killed in the Holocaust?

Six million Jews and others. (Non-Germans).
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Who are the Nazis?

The Germans. (German Political Party).
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What does the name "Nazi" stand for?

It stands for the National Socialist German Workers Party.
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What 4 factors contributed to the rise of the Nazis and Hitler?

1. Hes a Chansler.

2. He became a Dictator.

3. He got rid of the Presidency/Boycott.

4. Took away Civil RItghts/Large Army.

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Who were the SS?

The Nazi troops that control or maintain orders.
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What were the four main ways that Nazi's tried to control the public opinion?

1. The Newspaper, (Technology).

2. Persuasive Speeches/Posters.

3. Propaganda/Mark Businesses.

4. Anti-senetics Parades.

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