how to be my friend.


1- it is a MUST that you be able to make me laugh. Because if their is no laughing in our friendship ... its just good to laugh(:

2- you cannot be a worry wart. because i abosolutley love to do crazy things. i like to live life as if i were going to die then next day, so you have to be kinda carefree.

3- You kinda have to be crazy, and loud and sarcastic. i dont like boring people, boring is basic and basic is awful. just be a crazy person haha.

4- Be yourself, being yourself is the most important in a friendaship, otherwise you dont really know who the person really is.

5- NO FRENEMIES. nope. nope. nope. i need a friend, not an enemy, and not both combined. i need a true friend who can be there for me, and so i can be there for them(:

My friends are my everything.

they help me through all the good and bad. They are all just amazing<3