February 22, 2021

“At Ruby Bridges we are committed to every student’s potential by teaching to the whole child and holding high expectations.”

Reopening Town Halls

Hello Families,

Please join us to learn about out return to school planning and safety protocols. Vice Principal Kim and I will share information about our Star's return, and we will also answer/document any questions you may have. Please complete this form if you have questions: Questions about reopening

3/1/21-TK, Kinder, 1st, 4-5pm

Meeting ID: 831 1172 7053 Passcode: 656522​

3/2/21-2nd,3rd, 4-5pm

Meeting ID: 831 1172 7053 Passcode: 656522

3/3/21-4th,5th, 4-5pm

Meeting ID: 831 1172 7053 Passcode: 656522​

You can find more details on the Reopening Plan by clicking on the following resources:

·Video outlining details in the Return to School plan

·PowerPoint explaining the General Education Flexible Schedule, with content examples

·PowerPoint explaining the Special Day Class Schedule

Principal Pharr-Matthews

Winter Craft Circles with the PTA

Winter Crafting is coming. During this fun afternoon event, Stars will have the opportunity to make fun and diverse crafts celebrating winter and Black History month.

We will have three afternoons dedicated to this event.

Tuesday, 2/23/21- TK, Kinder, 1st

Meeting ID: 858 6967 5667 Passcode: 598758

Wednesday, 2/24/21- 2nd, 3rd

Meeting ID: 858 6967 5667 Passcode: 598758

Thursday, 2/25/21- 4th, 5th Meeting ID: 835 3037 5153 Passcode: 484451

Golden Sneaker Contest

Pull out your shiny shoes for the virtual Golden Sneaker Contest! March 1-5, classrooms will work as a team to bike, scoot, skate, walk, wheel, or use shared transportation and build a sense of community within classrooms and schools even during distance learning! Indoor physical activities and healthy modes of active and shared transportation such as walking, rolling in a wheelchair or mobility device, bicycling, riding public transit like AC Transit or BART, or skateboarding also count in the Golden Sneaker Contest.

Teachers will tally student over the course of the week. Incentives to the class with the most participation.

Thank you Mr. Hoellein for coordinating!

Cultural Voices-This Friday!

Our annual Cultural Voices school-wide virtual assembly will be on Friday, February 26th at 12:00pm !

As in years past, the intention of this school-wide event is to celebrate all that makes Ruby Bridges so special: presentations of our ethnic and cultural diversity and a celebration of the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr., Ms. Ruby Bridges, and other civil rights leaders.

Please join us on Friday:

Meeting ID: 712 246 7758 Passcode: 8elCxz

Zoom Safety

  • Please don’t interrupt your child unless s/he needs some help during class.
  • Please be aware that loud background noise - such as music, appliances, conversations or arguments - can be distracting not only to your own child but to the teacher and other students in the class.
  • Please watch your language! Please remember that the camera picks up what’s happening in the room where your child is working. As such, we ask that:
  • You be fully clothed while your child is online.
  • You avoid distracting behavior, such as dancing, cleaning, exercising, or eating.
  • Please do not try to lead or teach in breakout rooms unless you have gone through our volunteer vetting process and are working directly with the teacher to support the class.
  • If possible, please try to find a space where your child can work away from distractions and interruptions and possibly where the camera faces a wall.

Mark Your Calendars

2/24/21-PTA Board Meeting

3/1-3/3-Family Town Halls for Reopening

3/10/21-STEAM Night 3:30-4:30 pm

3/1-3/5 -Golden Sneaker Contest

3/5/21- Awards for February (Toolbox, 4Be's, Life Skill)

3/8/21- In-person learning for flexible students begins

3/8/21- SSC Meeting 4-5:15 pm