My Rock Life

By : Julia Bulgarelli

Metamorphic Phase

I was in the Metamorphic rock phase. I started out as lime stone, but then was exposed to heat and pressure and started feeling compaction on me. Then I turned into marble.
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Magma to Igneous

When I was exposed to magma I melted and turned into magma and flow around for some time.

Then I started cooling down above the surface and turned into a Igneous rock, specifically, Granite.


Erosion and weathering came and broke me into tiny pieces turning me into sediment. Then after getting washed further down stream I finally get piled on with sediments turning me into sedimentary rock, Sand stone.
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The Last Phase

10,000 years passed before I got crushed into a tectonic plate turning me back to metamorphic rock, turned me into slate.


Thank you for reading my rock story.