Innovation by Design Charter School

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to engage children in all grades using a variety of different tools. We have three unique strategies. The first is a learning coach for each student for their entire length of stay at the school. The second is cognitive skills training – teaching the skills that will help students to learn, and the third is physical activity during each day. Using these three strategies, along with project based learning, service learning and competency –based progress, will allow each of our students to excel at their own pace, while requiring a solid knowledge of academic, social, cognitive and life skills upon graduation.

Our vision is to create a learning environment where each child will become competent, confident, caring individuals who will strive to make their communities a better place to live, work and play.

Curiosity is the Most Powerful Thing YOU Own!


Innovation by Design Charter School (IDCS) will be a technology-driven, mastery-based, hands-on learning environment. This school will have grades K-12. Our goal is to open in September 2013 with 130 students spread across all grade levels. Instead of having grade-level teachers, teachers will either lead or assist in specific subjects across all grade levels. This ensures comprehensive coverage for each subject, for every student. Some of the tools we will use are SnapCircuits, Lego machines and robotics, MicroSociety program, life skills like personal finance, auto repair, and cooking classes, and lots of other hands-on programs.