By George Nudo

Social Constucts

Economics- Pozzo acts as if he is a rich man and that he doesn't have to carry his own luggage. Also he dress up to make him look better than the other characters.

Race- Pozzo character has a servant named Lucky. Lucky is treated as a slave and is often referred to a "pig". Pozzo treats Lucky as lesser than a human being than even Didi and Gogo.

Family- In the play, what seems like his only family is Lucky. Even though he is his servant, Pozzo says later he would not be able to function without him.

Character Traits

Pozzo acts like he has no problems. Yet, he says that he can get rid of Lucky at anytime he wants but he later states he would lose it if he didn't have him. Also he acts if he is a rich man by the way he dresses. He acts to Didi and Gogo as if they are equals, by offering to smoke from his pipe, yet he treats lucky like a slave, even though he is just the same as all three of them.

Other Charaters