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The Digestive System

Start To Finish Explanation

We will start be boarding a large vessel, we will then be shrunk down by a shrink ray known as "Project X". After we are at the correct size we will enter a test subject. Currently we have 14 test subjects. We will enter the test subject via a sandwich so we can observe the subject chewing and breaking down the food in his mouth. We will then be transported down the oesophagus in a mass known as a bolus. A bolus is a mass of food that has been ground by teeth and mixed with saliva into a smooth food mass. We will then enter the stomach the stomach is the main digestive organ. The stomach is a organ that is similar in shape to the letter J. Once inside the stomach the muscular stomach walls will churn us thus being mixed with gastric juice. We will then travel down to the small intestine where we will be churned against its walls to be broken down into smaller pieces. In the small intestine nutrients from food are absorbed. The journey through the small intestine will be long as it can be over 6 meters long. After this long journey we will be transported into the large intestine which consists of the caecum, appendix, colon, rectum and anus. In this part of the body we will be smooshed between stools or faeces. After this process we will wait into the test subject is ready to excrete us out of his body. This conclude the normal package.