Airplanes in war

Richard Murray

Airplanes before W.W.I

Before W.W.I planes were not really used in war. They were under development and were not all that good. Flight was thanks to the Wright brothers

Begining of W.W.I

Airplanes started off as reconnaissance tools for the military. It was thru pilots and engineers experience that led to the war planes like bombers.

The development of Bombers

In 1912 Christo Toprakchiev suggested that bombs be dropped from aircraft. it was october 16 1912 that he dropped two bombs on a target.
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"Dog Fighting"

Dog Fighting first appeared in W.W.1 shortly after the invention of the airplane. It was a component of every major war.


Airplanes were an essential part of W.W.1 and turned the tides of many battles. Ultimately without airplanes the allied nations might not have come out victorious.