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Published: September 8, 2019

Principals Message

We've had a busy 1st 17 days of school. In that time, your kids have completed all of the following during their Tutorial block. On Friday, the kids signed up for their Tutorial classes for the upcoming month. Their instruction was to choose classes they needed more time in. Tutorial is "more time" to achieve mastery. It's not new work. It's more time working on the same concepts in their core classes. Some kids signed up for one of each core so they could get more time in each. Some signed up for science three times knowing they need a lot more help in science, etc. Some weren't sure what to do since this is the first time we've done it (that's to be expected.) By the time we get to November this will be very natural for them.

August 14: Assigned Lockers and Chromebooks

August 15: Lesson: How to access and set up email and Chromebook Care Video

August 16: Completed fire, tornado, earthquake and lockdown drills

August 19: Star Math Benchmark

August 20: Continue Star Math and Begin Star Reading Benchmark

August 21: Complete all Star Testing and watch BehaviorFlip video.

August 22: Lesson: What is SBG and What are Proficiency Scales? ( Video 17 min)

August 23: Lesson: What is Tutorial? (Video 9 min)

August 26: Lesson: Using your Proficiency Scales (13:10 min) (6th, 7th and 8th view)

  • 6th grade: Initial Google Site Set Up (17 min)
  • 7th and 8th - clean up your sites from last year - Grab a new to Bally student and help them get their site started. Click here for a checklist (no need to do any hyperlinks...that will come later)

August 27: Student School Safety Survey AND Staff School Safety Survey

August 28: Lesson: Next steps setting up Your Google Site (6th Grade and new students please do lessons under 6th grade) OR Updating Your Google Site (7th and 8th)

August 29: Working on Google Sites:

  • 6th Grade: Page Designing and Linking in Prof Scales (19 min)
  • 7th and 8th grades: Following the same procedures for ELA- begin embedding Proficiency Scales for other content areas ( Math, Science, Social Studies)

August 30: Work on Google Sites

September 3:

1. View "The 4 Disciplines of Execution" (5:30 min)

2. Learn more about disciplines 1 and 2

September 4:

1. Complete learning about disciplines 3 and 4

2. Add goal setting page to Google Sites

September 5:

1. View "Walk Through a WIG Tracking Sheet" (6 min)

2. Have students design their Goal Tracker Sheet

September 6: Tutorial Day Set up. CLICK HERE to view the instruction video (5 min)

September 9: Students will receive their tutorial schedules today and will tape copies of schedules in their lockers.

We wanted you to have the same info the kids have. Sometimes 11-14 year olds aren't super communicative about what we're doing at school so here's a glimpse of the Tutorial block for the past three weeks.

Erika Bowles

James Demetrakis

We Are Bally Night Donations Requested

We're looking for the following items to be donated for We are Bally Night as giveaways. You can click here to donate and then send items into school.

  • 2 liters--LOTS AND LOTS
  • Plastic solo cups
  • Gift cards


  • Basketball

  • Football

  • Soccer ball

  • Hair scrunchies

All items must be turned into the office by September 20th.

What is WE ARE BALLY Night?

Our 8th graders have designed this community event to be your preview of all things Bally--especially ways your child can become engaged at our school. You will experience:

1. FREE dinner provided by Chick Fil A. (WOOOOOWWWWW!!!!) Many thanks to Dustin DiChiara, GM of Chick Fil A Mall Road, for his support of our school.

2. Activity Fair in the gym. Visit tables with club and activity sponsors to learn more about ways to engage your child in our school.

3. Visit the Safety Booth with Officer Mark Jump, our SRO.

4. Staff will be present all night to answer questions.

5. Students will be leading parents through SEL community circles so you can experience what they experience.

6. There will be fun and games.

Bring the will be a great night.

Save the date of September 25th from 6-8pm.

This Week's Events

Tuesday: Volleyball vs. Campbell County at home 5, 6, 7pm

Wednesday: Yearbook Club (anyone welcome) until 3:345pm--see graphic below

Thursday: Board of Education Meeting at Ralph Rush Center at 7:30pm

Friday: Forensics (Speech Team) Info Meeting after school (anyone welcome)--see graphic below

Info From Our Teachers

6th Grade Green Team Newsletter--Click here!

6th Grade Orange Team

Newsletter: Will add link when it's ready

7th Grade Newsletter for September---Click here!

8th Grade Newsletter for September--Click here!

Ballyshannon SEL, Counseling, and Guidance

CLICK HERE to learn more about the programs Mrs. Palmer and Mrs. Steinbrunner organize for our kids.

Come cheer on the Shammies at Volleyball Games!

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School Hours

Doors open: 7:00am (students report to gym or cafe)

Breakfast: 7:00-7:30am

Tardy Bell: 7:35am (students must be in their 1st period classroom)

Buses, Walkers, Bike Riders dismiss: 2:35pm

Car Riders dismiss: 2:40pm