French News!

What's new in the French classes!


It's that time of the year where students are signing up for classes again. Please consider signing up for another year of French! If you have suggestions on activities you'd like to do, talk to Madame, she's always looking for ideas!

Pen Pals

First year students have pen pals with students in collège in Millau, France. We're exchanging with Madame McLaughlin's class of freshmen at Collège Marcel Aymard. She teaches English, so we write to them in French and English and they write back in the same langauges!

Second, third, and fourth year students are exchanging with Madame Brown in Sète, France. We've partnered up with a Professional High School devoted to maritime training: Lycée de la Mer: Paul Bouquet. Their campus looks beautiful, and their courses are very specific! Ask your student to share some of their website with you.

Travel Changes Lives!

Did you know?

I take French students to France every even-numbered year. 11 students and parents are traveling with me this summer to Paris, the Normandy beaches, and to the Loire valley.

If you're interested in a future trip, you can start saving now.

Some helpful ways to start saving for a trip:

  • part-time job
  • ask for money instead of presents for b-day and x-mas (any bit counts!)
  • do odd jobs around the neighborhood (rake leaves, shovel sidewalks, get out and do!)
  • write letters to friends and family
  • participate in fundraiser activities with other students and family members traveling