Mrs. Clark's First Grade Class


New year, new goals

Goodness! I can't believe how long it's been since I've sent out a newsletter! Looking back, I can see 2 different newsletters I started and never sent--oh my. But, with the new year here, it is my goal to update you more on what is going on in our classroom! (PS--I wrote this the first week of January and it's JUST now getting out!)

Speaking of the New Year, we started it off with some new friends! This week we welcomed a student teacher, Miss Hildebrandt, as well as a new (returning to Rock Prairie) student. We also welcomed 2 new students the last few weeks of December.

Additionally, we talked about how the New Year is a chance to set goals for ourselves. We wrote about our resolutions and these are on display outside our room. Stop by to check them out--they are pretty cute! Some of my favorites include: "I will help my brother more", and "I will do all of my homework", and "I will do my chores without arguing". Ha!


Here's a snippet of what we are working on this month:

Reading--characters and character traits: What is the author trying to tell me about the character? How does that help me to understand the story better? What does the character look like? Feel like? Who are the characters in a story?

Writing--Using our own experiences to write fiction stories (writing a story about a fictional character based on something the student might have done in their life); handwriting

Math--Place value to 80 (students should be able to tell me how many tens and how many ones are in a number, as well as tell me that 70 + 5=75); Comparing and ordering numbers (using greater than, less than, and equals to); placing numbers on an open number line; continued addition and subtraction fact practice including fact fluency (being able to answer 24 problems in 3 minutes) for +0, +1, and doubles facts--encourage students to focus on the STRATEGY TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM; 100th day of school

Science/Social Studies--Weather, temperature, clouds, Martin Luther King, Jr.

Phonics (spelling)-- long vowels, blends

Take Home readers will go home Friday and should be returned the following Friday. It is very helpful for students to read the books 3 times each, on different nights. This helps students to read more fluently and recall words faster. (Note: students who read novels/chapter books only need to read it once--each chapter counts as one line on the reading log).

A look at what's been going on in Room 508!

Dates to Remember

Early Release--1/28 12:45

Class Picture--1/29

100th Day of School--1/30 (DON'T FORGET 100th Day projects)