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May 10, 2019

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Dear Families,

I want to take this opportunity to wish a happy Mother's Day to all the mothers in our Manning community. Without you moms, we would never be able to thrive - heck, we wouldn't even exist! Thank you for taking on the hardest and most meaningful job in the world.

We finished up a week full of appreciation for our teachers, and it really meant a lot to them. Thank you to everyone who contributed to making our teachers feel recognized for signing up for the (second) most hard and meaningful job in the world!

Have a great weekend.

David / Mr. Luongo

Last Day of School

The last day of school is Thursday, May 23rd, and it will be a short day. We will be done at 12:25, and there will not be lunch served. 8th graders need to be picked up at Maple Grove Park (not the elementary school), which is about three quarters of a mile west of Manning on the south side of 32nd Avenue. We will walk the 8th graders over to the park once we are done with continuation rehearsal. 6th and 7th graders will be picked up at school as normal at 12:25.

Finals Schedule

Here is some information about what our teachers are planning for their final tests and/or projects, in case you want to support your students throughout these last two weeks of school.

8th Grade Continuation

Date: Thursday, May 23rd

Time: 6:00 pm

Location: Wheat Ridge HS Gym

We look forward to seeing you there!

Congratulations to our 8th graders.

Dress Code

Spring has sprung! As the weather gets nicer, we notice the clothing get lighter among both our boys and girls. Students who show up to school out of dress code are asked to visit the clinic for a change of clothes. Please help us out by reminding our students of the following constituents of our dress code:

  • All shirts must cover the midsection of the body and entire torso including the back. No visible cleavage is permitted.
  • All skirts, dresses and shorts must be fingertip length or longer.
  • Tops must have shoulder straps that are no less than 2 inches in width. Racer tops are not permitted.
  • Shirts/Tops must not have arm holes that fall more than 2 inches below the armpit.

Speaking the Part

Students in Word Wonder presented personal narratives from a Greek God's or goddess's perspective. The narratives explained their god's influence on English vocabulary today.
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Electric Cars Win 1st Place!

Congratulations to Mr. Fulton's 8th Grade STEM students who competed in the National Renewable Energy Labs Electric Car Competition last Saturday and represented Manning well. Manning had 3 of 80 teams at the competition but was able to earn 1st place in two divisions! Specific congratulations to Jordan Chang for his first place Solar Car in the race competition. And also congratulations to Brandon Nies for earning first place in the Lithium Battery race competition.

Don't Miss Our Spring Concerts

  • Monday, May 13th - Guitar Concert @ 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday, May 14th - Final Pops Concert @ 7:00 pm (Band and Orchestra)
  • Wednesday, May 15th - Final Pops Concert @ 7:00 (Choir)

Performers need to arrive by 6:30 pm at the latest for each concert. Thank you!

Staff Rehearse in Order to Sing Along with Students on Wed

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Sophie Wong Wins Jeffco Writing Challenge

Congratulations to Sophie Wong from Mr. Hageman's 7th grade English class! Sophie won a first place award and a $100 check from the Jeffco Writing Challenge. Out of over 300 entries in 7th grade this year, Sophie came out on top. We couldn't be more proud.

Congressional Hearing

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Students in their 6th-grade science and social studies classes participated in an activity in which students defend entities charged with causing the climate crisis, as they point fingers at others. Ultimately, it asks them to consider how different factors linked together and depending on their assessment of blame, to propose what justice looks like. Students collected points and evidence from indictments in their science classes and presented this information in a Climate Congressional Hearing/Trial in their social studies classes.


In order to keep the Manning Weekly Newsletter more pertinent to this school, we will no longer include advertisement flyers. All flyers and advertisements for extracurricular activities will be housed through a website called Peachjar. You can access the information in Peachjar by clicking the peach icon on the right side of the Manning website home page, or by clicking the link below. Hopefully this new format will make your perusing of the Weekly Newsletter more enjoyable.

8th Grade ELA Students Act a Skit Based on The Outsiders

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6th Grade ELA Posters

Students made really amazing posters this week in ELA to identify and analyze problems and solutions that William faced in The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind.
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Interested in Being a Sub Here at Manning?

Looking for a flexible job? Looking for extra spending money? Looking to set your own hours?

Manning Middle School is looking for you.

Check out for further information. If you do become a teacher sub or a para sub please contact Shannon Haas so that you can be added to our Manning sub Priority list.

Students Write Notes to Their Teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week

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Outdoor Lab Fundraising

The Lab Cards Program has changed as of April 1, 2019. You now have two options to fundraise for your student's tuition fee. You can purchase a Safeway Lab Card, or you can participate in the King Soopers Community Giving Program. Please read below for further info!

Message from the PTA

Please join us for the final PTA meeting and year-end celebration on Wednesday, May 15 at 8:30. We’ve had a great year and would like to show our appreciation to the many members who have gone above and beyond in making it so!

If you are interested in a simple chair position with a short and definite time commitment, please consider chairing either the Silent Auction or the Chili Cook-off in the fall. Email us with questions or to volunteer at

Follow Manning on Instagram! username- manningschool

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Please follow us on facebook, too! @themanningschooljeffco

Reminder to Utilize Tutor Time in the Morning 7:50 - 8:15

Don't fall behind! Come get extra one-on-one attention with your teachers before school.

  • Monday - Math or Electives
  • Tuesday - Math or English or 6th Grade Science
  • Wednesday - Math or Social Studies
  • Thursday - Math or Science
  • Friday - Math

PLC Update

This past Wednesday, our teachers had meaningful and growth minded conversations that lead to improved learning for students around these four questions:

    • What do we want kids to know and be able to do? (Curriculum, Vertical Alignment)

    • How will we know when they’ve learned it? (Assessment)

    • What will we do if they haven’t learned it? (Re-teach, Intervention)

    • What will we do if they already know it? (Extension)

At Manning, we strive to live our core values every day.

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  • Ms. Mary always is respectful to everyone and honors them and is always willing to help out.


  • After the 7th grade musical I was the last one left waiting outside to be picked up and Sophia Leo and her family waited with me until my mom picked me up.
  • Aidan Whitney had a hurting leg and then they did the pacer. They got 94 laps, a lot more laps then me. They showed great effort because that is a lot of laps, and his leg was hurt.
  • Audrey Edwards is a really good friend. She knows when to work hard but also when to be silly. I always have a lot of fun with her and she is easy to talk to.
  • I'm really grateful for Mr. Hageman because of how thoughtful and kind he is. For example, last Friday he attended my Jeffco Writing Challenge award ceremony. Thank you, Mr. Hageman!
  • Mr. Jonson makes the coolest assignments. I look forward to going to business class everyday and he challenges me to be more successful.
  • Mrs. Norton is always trying to make sure everything is done and working smoothly, she can always make us laugh. Thank you Mrs. Norton.
  • I am very proud of every person in the 6th grade. I know that each of us went through something hard or frustrating this year that made us want to quit. No one quit and we made it to the end of the year! Middle school was new and tough for all of us in some way. I can feel everything starting to come together for our grade. Everyone around me feels happy in some way. It was hard, but we did it. Good job class of 2025!
  • Lucas Jones, when done with homework in class, went around the access room and picked up trash on the floor.
  • I want to nominate Ms. Agard for always trying to help people grow and do better even when they are not trying to.
  • Ms. Putnam works very hard to help everyone in the class and making sure everything is going smoothly, she does not give up!
  • Maddy Best always works hard in all of her classes and tries to make all her work the best she can. In the mornings I always see her studying for her spanish class.
  • Mrs. Garcia-Lee had helped me in access with my work, she would do what ever she could to help even if she was not a math or science teacher she would always do the best she can and make sure I would get it my work done.
  • Alexis Paliga and Tamryn Klatt were helping me when I was sad and crying and they stood up to me and made me feel a lot better. Thanks Alexis P and Tamryn K
  • Mrs. Mcleod is always great, and she always puts effort into what she is teaching that day. She always helps you if you have trouble, and she is super nice and kind! Thanks for being a great teacher Mrs. Mcleod.
  • Sarah McLeod, Mandy Putnam, DJ Molinare, Sensei Jonson, and Lisa Hughes are all amazing and deserve to be nominated more than once. I don't have words to describe how spectacular they all are.
  • Ms.Burg always makes a effort to help us all trouble shoot problems that are going on in science and outside of school too. She always listens to us when we have problems. Thank you Ms. Burg!
  • Riley Kopser always is there for people when they need him and he is such a good friend. He shows effort in school work and off of school work.


  • Wow! Congratulations to the students in Ms. Claussen's Language Arts classes. You have completed over 90,000 language arts and grammar questions on! Yes, it's frustrating at times, but your writing shows great improvement from the practice! You are ready for 8th-grade!
  • Even though its the end of the year, Mrs. Sawyer has done a fantastic job with keeping her energy up as well as the class. She is still putting in countless hour behind the scenes to make sure we can still learn, have fun, and still finish strong. She is really making sure that we eighth graders are ready for what comes next! Thank you for your support in and out of the classroom.
  • Nick Schweiker used code lazar in the fortnite item shop and being a fun and really cool person to hang out with and is there to cheer me up
  • Lucas Jones really helps keep our classroom clean and is always nice to everyone.
  • Noah Busby went above and beyond for his science climate change speech. He was expected to have at least 3 pieces of evidences and gathered 6+. He also volunteered and brought in supplies for a science lab. Keep up the great work Noah!
  • Congratulations to Sophie Wong for winning the Jeffco Writing Challenge! There were over 300 entries from 7th graders across our entire school district, and she won 1st place! This is such an accomplishment and we are so proud of you.


  • Milo Messina is always so sweet and funny he brightens my day.
  • Brayden Bergren is always a kind and positive friend, and whenever I need help he is always there for me, he is a great friend
  • Adam Ly is legit
  • Connor Allison and Brayden Bergren are always nice and respecting me.
  • When I was doing the feedback survey about our school and how I felt, there many questions about the mindset. I had to think a bit to find the truth in my mind to find out if I did Strongly Agree. Some questions I almost said no to, like if I felt safe here, respected, safe from discrimination, and do I feel like I belong. But the reason I said I agree is becuase of these brave and amazing people that I am proud to call my best freinds. They make me feel safe and happy at school. Without them I wouldn't know what level of happiness or stress I would feel here. But I don't have to know becuase I'm that forunate to have amazing freinds like mine. And I hope everybody else has some amazing people like the ones I'm freinds with to make them happy enough to push through the year and enjoy their childhood. Thank you, Sam Larson, Keaden Hamilton, Mercer Clark, and Erland Harris.
  • Thank you, Nora Bendl, for my surprise cupcake! You even put my favorite punctuation mark -- a semicolon -- on top!
  • In access there was a used tissue on the ground. Lucas Jones then decided to pick IT UP without permission.
  • Ms. Putnam always puts a big smile on my face throughout the day!
  • I think that Lucas Jones is a great friend. He helps me with my math, and in access he "works" with me and he helps me with my ELA work.
  • Lili Burnham - for being respectful of expectations and ignoring distracting peers and not letting them distract her.
  • Erlend Harris and Sam Larson helped me pass the time during passion week once we got our projects done. When it got boring, they we would all laugh together and it was so fun.
  • Addison Helms wrote an inspirational quote for all of her classmates. Thank you Addison for taking the time to think of others and for bringing positive actions to our class!
  • Mr. Johnson held hearings for global climate crisises and he respected every ones opinions so that everyone felt like they were not being shut down.
  • Eloise Bucholz Trong has always been a good friend to me and many others.
  • Jake Lardie is awesome. He is lit. Jake is very respectful and a very kind person. He is also very funny. Jake is a cool kid. He makes everyone laugh and everyone wants to be around him because he is so respectful to them. I like Jake a lot.
  • Erlend Harris, Sam Larson, and Aidan Whitney are my friends, and when I am sad or anything like that, they are always cheering me up, and I am always happy after sitting with them at lunch. They are the best friends I have had in a long time.


  • Ally Ricketson is always helping me and I am always helping here we are a great team :)
  • Kaitlyn Mitchel always helps me and she helps a lot of other people out and she is just a great friend:)
  • Lucy Gordon is an amazing friend who always pushes me to do my best.
  • Lilli True is always working really hard at school and is always helping people. I was very confused on some directions, and she helped me. Without her, I wouldn't of understood it.
  • Erin Gallagher, one of my best friends, showed a lot of teamwork towards me. I was wearing these sandals when I realized it was direction day in science. Devastated, I asked for her help. Erin, who never wears sandals, switched shoes with me in the hallways so I could participate. She gave up her own tennis shoe style and earliness to class for me, thank you.
  • Burke Lowry is a very hard working kid in my class. He always makes sure to help us out on math concepts we are struggling on. Whenever we think he can't help us out anymore on simple problems, he shows us we were doing it completely wrong, and he never brags about his skills or anything. I must also say he does help us a lot in language arts too, and he is overall a great friend to have.
  • Sam Larson helped me in my work and helped me understand what I was doing and how to do it.
  • Molly St. George is always so amazingly compassionate to everyone she meets; I constantly see her helping kids through difficulties, relating to struggles, or simply engaging them in a good laugh. She is also very devoted to helping everyone in less extreme ways, such as putting away their chair in orchestra or just saying hi to someone who is feeling shy. In short, Molly is just plain marvelous!
  • Ally Ricketson always helps me with things I don't understand, and works through it with me!
  • Lucas Jones always makes access more enjoyable. And is an amazing friend to all of us. He is a great team leader and someone who is always there for you.
  • I know that no matter what, Mr. Jonson is going to help me be successful. Even though he uses the word awesome too much, he is awesome.
  • Carson Carlsen always comes into class with a smile on his face ready to learn! He is also the best 'tardy song dancer!'
  • Thank you Kalani Bauszus for helping out your peers in class. That was really nice of you to collect their papers and turn them in for your peers.
  • Ms. Mcleod has been asigning problem and solution posters that let us express our artistic skills and work together with others.
  • Ms. Claussen made a kahoot for our first period that required teamwork so that we could get a good grade on it.

The Manning School of Academics and Arts

The vision of The Manning School of Academics and Arts is to challenge all students to work to their highest potential and encourage student responsibility as they develop intellectually, socially, physically, emotionally and creatively.