My Fitness Journey

Taryn Eberle


This project has taught me that it is very important to take care of yourself and maintain a good exercise routine. Overtime I have noticed that I have felt cleaner from eating healthier and with the mix of exercise I have noticed that I have developed more energy. This project has opened my eyes because just by eating better and adding exercise to your daily routine you can build a happier and healthier you. Exercise and eating healthy can eliminate a lot of negative factors in one's life. They can eliminate health problems and reduce one's stress level. This project is important because it has made me realize how important taking care of your body is.
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Through research I have conducted I have found many ways to improve the overall quality of life through fitness and maintaining a well balanced diet. Web MD has conduced research that shows how maintaining fitness can improve the quality of one's life.

  1. Exercise boosts brain power
  2. Moment melts away stress
  3. Exercise gives you energy
  4. Finding time for fitness can make a significant difference
  5. Fitness can help build relationships
  6. Exercise helps ward of disease
  7. Fitness pumps your heart
  8. Exercise lets you eat more
  9. Exercise boosts performance


I chose this project because I have always wanted to maintain a healthy diet and exercise frequently but I never ended up following through with this type of lifestyle. I wanted to challenge myself to be be healthier and go out and be more active. I have always wanted to run a 5k so I thought that through this project I could find motivation to accomplish something I have always wanted to do and in the process tone my body and become more comfortable in my skin.


Overall I would like to have a more toned body and become a better runner. I also would like to avoid any unhealthy foods and stick to a more natural diet. I have come across some obstacles that have made exercising difficult but I have tried my hardest to push through them. I would like to build a happier and health me and show others that it is possible to accomplish anything you set your mind to.