Brooke Wills

What Is Drama?

  • A drama is a story that is enacted onstage for a live audience, the word drama comes from the greek word "dran" which means "to do"
  • A drama is just like a story but is preformed infront of people.
  • A drama has all of the same elements of a story....
  • A drama also has all kinds of differnet types, like modern, and old dramas.
  • some can be funny,happy or even sad or have a tragedy.

The Play Is The Best Part!

When you have a play you have alot of work to do you have to set the performance up where people would be able to understand the drama.

You have to have these things:

  • Director
  • Actors
  • Light and sound techs.
  • And even a stage crew

And you most defantley need a stage set up

you have to have props, furniture, and MORE!!

And you can't forget about the character: the characters must have a good role and ALWAYS be in character!!!!!!


But without an audience there is no show! Having an audience is one of he many things needed in a drama!

but they have to understand and connect with characters