Dmitriy Simonovich

BY:Dmitriy Simonovich

list of influenses

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These things or people have influenced me to be the person I am today.

My first thing that influences me is the movie 'The Blindside. This movie influences me because the main character Micheal, has no home and but gets adopted and doesn't know how to play football but his stepmother talks to him about his protective instincts and ends up being the star of the team, the best linemen. the second thing is My family because if I ever get in trouble they help me out with what trouble I get in and help me not get in it again, they also encourage me with what I am about to do. And the third thing is another movie called Facing the Giants, this movie is an influence to others too, but to me it is a team that never won a game in the past season, so they pray to God and he does his thing. The eagles ends up beating the giants that have 3X as many players on its team and never lost a game, but the eagles wins by a field goal and takes the state championship home. Turns out not only your family influences you but anything can.