Panther Peridodical

4th Nine Weeks 2015-2016 School Year

4th Nine Weeks is here

With this issue of the HMS Panther Periodical we move into a new format and, hopefully, this format will be easier to read on multiple digital platforms.

Next week will be our last week before Spring Break. Once we return from Spring Break, we will move into our Spring ACT Aspire Testing. Participation is essential for all students and any student who misses a test session will have to make it up. ACT Aspire testing will last approximately three weeks. Please schedule appointments after school or when your child's grade level is not testing. Please also remember that if you come to check out your child and they are in a testing group, we cannot get them out of the session until the testing has been completed and testing materials have been secured. Once our schedule is approved we will post the days by grade level on the school website.

For the ACT ASPIRE, students may not have their cell phones or other digital devices in the classroom during a testing session. Any student caught with a cell phone/digital device in the classroom will have their device confiscated and issued a Class II. Devices collected during a testing session are subject to search by school officials and may be appropriated by the state department. Please remind your students that they cannot have their digital device in a testing session.

Once we finish the ACT Aspire testing we will begin our end of the year Global Scholar assessments. It is very important that students take both the ACT Aspire and Global Scholar Assessments seriously as both have an effect on classes students are eligible for or placed in both at Hueytown Middle School and Hueytown High School.

Sometime before the end of the year, all Jefferson County Schools will migrate to a different website platform that should facilitate school communications (and replace schoolcast). We will try to send out a warning before the county shuts down the old site if at all possible.

Jefferson County Schools are also migrating to an online registration system this summer. All students will have to register online this summer. This includes returning students. The online registration system may also allow parents to pay by debit or credit card. As soon as we get more information we will pass it along to everyone and announce our summer registration dates.

Look for the End of the Year Newsletter the last week of school. Until next time,

Christopher Anders

Important Dates to remember for the 4th Nine Weeks

Mar 17, 2016—End of 3rd Nine Weeks

Mar 18, 2016—E-Day (No Students)

Mar 22, 2016--5th Grade Tour of HMS

Mar 23, 2016—Report Cards Mailed

Mar 25, 2016--8th Grade Tour of HHS

Mar 28-Apr 1, 2016--Spring Break (No Students)

Apr 4--May 13, 2016--ACT ASPIRE Testing Window begins

Apr 8, 2016--3rd Nine Weeks Awards Day

Apr 9, 2016--Club HYPE Clean-Up Day

Apr 12, 2016--PTA Meeting in Library

Apr 21, 2016--CARE Meeting in HMS LIbrary

Apr 25, 2016--Weather Day (No Students)

Apr 29, 2016--NJHS Induction Ceremony

May 4, 2016--Progress Reports Mailed (Tentative)

May 6, 2016--8th Grade Poetry Slam

May 13, 2016--Field Day (Tentative)

May 20-25, 2016--2nd Semester Diagnostics (See Schedule Below-times and dates subject to change)

May 24, 2016--End of Year Awards Day Ceremony in Gym after school

May 26, 2016--Hueytown High School Graduation at HHS Stadium

May 27, 2016--Last Day of School

May 31, 2016--Weather Day (if needed)

Jun 3, 2016--Report Cards Mailed (Tentative)

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Pride of the Panthers/Panther Passes

  • We are continuing our efforts to improve student attendance and encourage students to do the right thing. Students who are caught doing the right thing can receive “Panther Passes.” We also give Panther Passes on random days to students who are present and on time to 1st period so do not forget that school starts at 7:55 AM. Other examples of ways students can earn a Panther Pass include (but are not limited to): going out of the way to help another student, working diligently on an assignment while others are goofing off, etc...
  • Once earned, a Panther Pass can never be taken away.
  • Every two weeks, during morning gym time, students will have the opportunity to cash in their Panther Passes for various prizes. The full current menu can be accessed on the front page of the school web page. Prizes range from 1 Panther Pass for a random prize drawing to 30 Panther Passes to exempt one semester diagnostic providing the student has a “C” average in the class. It is possible that a student could save up enough passes to exempt more than one diagnostic.
  • Additionally, any student who has an overall “A” average at the end of the semester, no unexcused absences, no unexcused tardies and no discipline referrals will be eligible to exempt all semester diagnostics for that semester and will receive a free “T-Shirt.” Students who are eligible both semesters will be recognized at the end of the year awards ceremony and will receive a special prize.

Remaining 2016 Baseball Schedule

Mar 21 vs Pleasant Grove

Mar 25 @ McAdory

Mar 28-29 McAdory Spring Break Tournament

Apr 5 @ Riverchase

Apr 7 vs Oak Grove

Apr 14-16 & 18 Southern Conference Tournament—TBA

All home games are played at Bud Newell

Most games begin at 4:30 PM.

Remaining 2016 Softball Schedule

Mar 17 vs McAdory

Mar 21 vs Chelsea (Double Header)

Mar 23 vs Riverchase

Mar 24 vs Rudd

Apr 6 & 9 Southern Conference Tournament @ Pelham Park

All home games played at Natalie Bunn Field

Games generally start at 5 PM

Remaining 2016 Golf Schedule

Mar 22—vs Rudd @ Woodward Golf Course

Mar 24—vs Rudd @ Cumberland Golf Course

Apr 5—vs Fultondale @ Woodward Golf Course

Apr 7—vs Bottenfield @ Highlands Golf Course

Apr 12—vs North Jefferson @ Woodward Golf Course

Matches played at Woodward Golf Course are considered home matches. Home match location may change.

Matches start at 3:30 PM

Important Contacts for Hueytown Middle School

Christopher Anders, Principal,

Amanda Mercer, Assistant Principal—Textbooks,

John David Powell, Assistant Principal—Buses,

Lori Lawrence, Office Coordinator—Receipting,

Amanda McClellan, Teacher Conferences,

Denise Davis, Attendance,

Linda Poindexter, Counselor,

Kelly Wallis, Counselor,