Cell Phones!

Call anytime, anywhere

Cell Phones are portable telephones that are used to send and receive calls and text messages wherever you are.

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1. Used to communicate with another person wherever you are.

If you are in an emergency and are far away from a hospital or fire department you can call 911 at the press of a button and help will be on the way. No need to worry.

2. Make it easier to show ideas by sending pictures

If you want to show somebody something important you can easily take a picture of it and send it to them through text messaging. You can show them what you are trying to sell or show them what it is they need to look for or whatever the case may be.

3. Make it easier to buy and sell things

If you are trying to sell somebody a product, you can call their number to easily get ahold of them. If you are wanting to buy a product off of tv or from a store that the product is out of stock, call the company and they can probably have something shipped to you.

4. Easier to find where you are trying to go

With gps, there is no need for maps anymore! You simply can type in where you are currently at and where it is you are trying to go, and it will give you directions, telling you when you need to turn left or how close you are.

5. Easier to keep in touch with people

No need for waiting months on end to get a letter back from somebody who lives far from you, you can just send them a text message or give them a call to talk in seconds! As long as you get their phone number you can always be sure to keep in touch with anyone special to you.