Pain and Suffering

Will Smith

Writing Prompt- Parable

My favorite parable is The Twenty-Six Malignant Gates. The Twenty-Six Malignant Gates is my favorite parable because it's the parable I can most closely relate to. I too when I was younger was a little rebellious and occasionally did not do as my parents advised. In the instances when I did not listen to my parents and did what I wished I also had to learn from my foolish mistakes instead of taking my parents advice. This might not have been a bad thing because I learned from those mistakes and was cautious not to make them again. But in the long run it's probably best to "listen to" my parents because they are wise and can prevent me from "fall[ing] down" (Tan 87).

Writing Prompt- Mother/Daughter Selection

If I was to read another one of the Mother/ Daughter pairs in the novel I would read Woo. I would read this pair because when I listening to my group member who had Woo talk about Woo and they mentioned that in part of Woo they focused on the mother pushing her daughter to succeed even if it meant using criticism. I believe I would find this part interesting because I can relate to this and also because this is a common concept in today's society. I can relate to this because my father has always pushed me in sports and in school by using constructive criticism because he wanted me to succeed and be the best I could possibly be.

Writing Prompt- Quotation

My favorite quote from The Joy Luck Club is "I found I had an ability: to not listen to something meaningless calling to me" (Tan 226). This quote is very relevant in today's society because there are so many people today who are wasting their valuable time by using their phones, watching mindless television shows, and many other activities. I myself am guilty of this. The time I waste on my phone I could be getting homework done, studying, or doing several other more productive and worthwhile activities. This quote has helped me realize that I need to reconsider how I organize my time and I will work on breaking my bad habit of getting distracted by meaningless activities. That is why this quote stood out from the hundreds of other excellent quotes from The Joy Luck Club.

Thematic Paragraph

In The Joy Luck Club, Amy Tan presents the idea that family will make sacrifices for one another no matter what the repercussions may be. This is demonstrated in The Joy Luck Club when An-Mei's mother cuts a piece of her flesh and puts it in Popo's soup. An Mei's mother does this in order to cure her ill mother. An-Mei's mother suffers "the pain of the flesh," so that she can cure her mother (Tan 48). Although cutting her flesh off is excruciatingly painful, An-Mei's mother does it because Popo is family and family will always make sacrifices for each other. Another example of family making sacrifices for each other is demonstrated when An-Mei's mother becomes the Third Wife of a wealthy man, so that An-Mei can live a life with "no worries, fears, or desires" (227). An-Mei's mother sacrifices her own happiness, so that An-Mei is happy.