Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

Abigail Cook, Megan Davies-Dent, Andrew Barlow

Emerging technologies, especially focused on artificial intelligence.

Can Sentient Robot Technology Be Applied In an Ethical Way?


Many people will be against the creation of artificial intelligence, specifically sentience, because people tend to be afraid of new and unknown things, especially when the outcome of said thing is uncertain.

We predict...

+ When people are asked about the usefulness of intelligent robots, many will be very accepting of the idea. This is because of general frustration with the inadequacies of present-day "intelligent" technology.

+ When the concept of robotic sentience is brought up, it will evoke fear in people. This has to do with the fact that there are so many movies based on a form of artificial intelligence taking over the world.


A survey was conducted that asked participants the following questions:

1.) Do you think artificial intelligence with similar capabilities to our own are possible?

2.) Does the concept of robotic sentience scare you?

3.) If we were capable of creating artificial intelligence would you support it?

4.) Would you like to see AI being used in your personal life?

5.) Do you think AI would be helpful?

6.) Do you think that creating artificial intelligence is ethical?

The first five questions were multiple choice questions. The survey participants were given

three choices: yes, no, and unsure.
The sixth question required a written response.


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Some of our favorite answers from the survey participants.

Our sixth, and last question on the survey was a written response question that asked participants if they thought artificial intelligence was ethical. These are some of our favorite responses in regards to that question.

Answers that supported our hypothesis:

Respondent 93 said, "No, I am worried that AI will become more powerful than mankind."

Respondent 96 said, "No. Humans have faults... The slightest flaw in ethical behavior (by it's[sic] creator) would be magnified exponentially..."

Answers that disproved our hypothesis:

Respondent 8 said, "Yes, in the same way that creating life (having kids) is ethical..."

Respondent 87 said, "I beleive[sic] AI used in the appropriate manner and methhod[sic] could potentially be very useful to society as a whole..."


To conclude, the majority of people surveyed seemed to react quite positively to artificial intelligence. Positive responses (yes on questions 1, 3, 4, and 5 and no on question 2) were more than 70% of the responses on the first question and the majority on every other question.

In Reguards to Further Research

We'd like to collect a larger range of answers from different demographics, especially age groups, in order to determine a more accurate picture of ethics in the modern world and correlations, if any, to age groups.