The Draft

Irvin Villalobos

What is the Draft?

The military draft is a system to select young men to have military service, in case of a war.

It's not something that you can dodge and hide from. It's actually illegal if you don't sign up for the draft.

Don't worry to the ladies that doesn't like to break their nails, the Draft doesn't require women to sign up for it.

Men ages from 18 to 25 sign up.

The view on the draft

Military: when they first introduced The Selective Service Act, the army soldiers weren't too happy because almost half all the army were Government Issued and they were ordered there. They had to be there and the ones that were there before kinda felt like somebody forced them to be there and they were fighting for their country.

American Public: Fathers and mothers are always devastated to see their son go to the military but whenever its not their choice, it really upsets the parents, and especially the young men.

Interesting Facts

  • 250,000 dollars, is the fine that you could pay.
  • 5 years in a federal prison.
  • There hasn't been a draft since the Vietnam War
  • The military has reserves and then the draft.
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