L.B. Clarke Family News

Back to School Update

School Is On the Horizon!

We still have some summer left, but school time is quickly approaching! Your teachers and staff have been hard at work over summer preparing for an awesome 2017-18.

The purpose of this newsletter is to give you some basic information about important dates and events coming up. You will receive another newsletter from me before school starts with more specific information about the start of the school year.

I have been in several local stores over the past few weeks and have been stealing and throwing away LBC supply lists from their shelves. I have seen 5 or 6 different versions of our supply list out there, and only one of them is correct. In fact, there was one that I have never seen before.

You can click the link below and it will take you to the accurate supply list for 2017-18. You can always find the current list on L.B. Clarke's website.

I hope you enjoy the last few weeks of summer... get some sun, rest, and have a lot of fun! Please take a few minutes to read the important information below. If you have questions, please call school or email me using the contact information at the bottom of the newsletter. You will hear from me again soon!

Mr. Wester

Registration Begins Monday!

Monday marks the first big date for the new school year... registration week! Each student must be registered for school, every year.

Beginning Monday, you may log on to Skyward Family Access to register your child for school. The link above will take you directly to the login screen. This link will provide you with step by step instructions.

You may register, pay fees, deposit lunch money, etc. at home or you are welcome to come to school if you need some help. We will have staff and computers available in the office to help you through the process. If you come to school to register, you may come anytime on or after your grade level's designated day, but not before.

Registration days are the following:

  • 5th Grade- Monday, August 14th
  • 6th Grade- Tuesday, August 15th
  • 7th Grade- Wednesday, August 16th
  • 8th Grade- Thursday, August 17th

L.B. Clarke has a $20 book/registration fee and a $20 sports fee for each sport (up to 2 sports. No fee starting with the 3rd). Please be prepared to pay these fees when you register.

Advisee Letters

If he or she hasn't already, your child will receive a letter from his or her advisor for the coming school year. The letter will be a welcoming introduction to the new year as well as information to help you and your child get to know your advisor a little bit.

For 5th grade parents, we will introduce you to the Advisor/Advisee (A/A) portion of our day at Kickoff to Clarke on August 23rd. For now, know that your child's advisor will be your main contact throughout middle school.

Student Schedules

Due to a glitch in our rollover process in Skyward at the end of July, some of you may have been able to see a schedule in the "Academic History" tab on Family Access. Schedules had not been finalized yet as of the end of July when this occurred.

The schedule viewed at that time may or may not have been accurate. This is a good example of why we do not make schedules visible over summer. Many adjustments and changes are made up to the point when they are finalized.

Schedules will be available after students have been registered and fees have been paid. This again is subject to your grade level's designated registration day. Schedules will be available on or after that day.

5th Grade Kickoff

Wednesday, Aug. 23rd, 4-7pm

4608 Bellevue Place

Two Rivers, WI

This is time for 5th graders to have the building to themselves! Students are able to follow a schedule, find teachers/classrooms, and learn LBC procedures for different parts of the building, like lunch and the phy ed locker room. We will end the evening by inviting our parents to join us a spaghetti dinner!

This will be the 5th Annual Kickoff to Clarke. We have had more than 90% of 5th graders attend every year! More information about Kickoff to Clarke will follow in a message to 5th grade parents.

Back to School Night

Tuesday, Aug. 29th, 6:30-7:30pm

4608 Bellevue Place

Two Rivers, WI

All grade levels:

This is a chance to put school supplies in lockers and cubbies, meet teachers and staff, and tour the building. There will be informational meetings for parents at designated times. More information about back to school night will follow in another newsletter.