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Region 9 High Reliability Schools-March 2019


Assessment is one of the areas in which HRS leadership trainings connect to ASOT sessions. In The Art and Science of Teaching, assessment is its own design area. In the HRS framework, assessment falls mostly in Level 3, although it could also be included as part of Level 2 since effective teaching would include quality assessments.

Because of that connected, we created this month's ASOT newsletter to focus on assessment as well. Be sure to check it out and feel free to share with your teachers, even those not on your ASOT team.

In addition to that newsletter, we wanted to provide you with opportunities to learn more about assessment. Below you will find 3 recorded related webinars that can be found on the Marzano Research website.

The New Art and Science of Classroom Assessment Webinar

View the webinar recording with Mike Ruyle of Marzano Research to learn more about assessment practices.

Creating Valid/Reliable Classroom Assessments Webinar

View the webinar recording with Jan Hoegh of Marzano Research to enhance your understanding of what constitutes high-quality classroom assessment practices.

Using Assessment to Track Student Growth Webinar

View the webinar recording with Tammy Heflebower of Marzano Research to better understand different types of assessment and how to use the results of assessments for students to track their progress.

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Proficiency Scales

When you are creating assessments, one thing that can really help clarify student learning and any gaps students might have is to base those assessments on proficiency scales. You can find more resources for developing proficiency scales here or on our website under Tutorials.

These assessment discussions, from the scale piece to writing assessments to data discussions, can take place in PLCs, another way to strengthen that Level 1 critical commitment.

Looking Ahead: Summer Sessions

HRS Mini Summit is Coming Soon!

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Calling all Prospective Presenters!

We are looking for presenters for the HRS Mini Summit, which will be held at Region 9 June 25-26. While we will have Tammy Heflebower, Phil Warrick and Tina Boogren with us as keynote speakers those days, we want to have leaders and teachers from our HRS districts and campuses share what they have learned through the HRS process with others in our region. Please take a moment to look here for more information. That's where you will find the session proposal application as well.

Certification Protocol

Resource: R9 HRS Website

If you haven't had a chance yet, take a look at our new website! You can find it at The link below will give you a tour of what you can find on our website. It is definitely a work in progress, but it is one we hope will help you on your HRS journey.

HRS and ASOT Schedule of Training

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We want to help you in any way we can! Keep in mind that in any of these levels, we can help you plan, implement and monitor progress. Use the form below or reach out to your R9 specialist.