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IMO Beta-Free Videos Calls and Text for Android

IMO Beta Latest versions for Android: IMO is well know for the unique feature which cannot be offer by any other apps. IMO extends to Android with enhanced features.Now make message and video chats with your friends and family members with IMO for free,No matter what the devices they have.Many Android apps like Whats app, Viber, Skype etc but they fail to provide Video calls of high quality. Now everyone can find the better solution for the usage of money.Share and Receive many new experience.The following post detail in explaining the primary usage and features.

Share everything with new IMO

Unless IMO,with IMO beta users can preview and try many experimental features of IMO. IMO is the basic source of users because of its excellent featured availabilities.

By IMO you can make high quality video calls and voice calls.

IMO offers us to send unlimited Messages at 2G,3G,4G or Wi-Fi connections.

Group chars also available with IMO.

Share photos and Videos with IMO.

Express yourself in IMO with free Stickers.

With IMO one can avoid phone and call charges.

Download IMO for Android from here:

Extract Full version IMO for Android

IMO app understood the real need of the people and they come up with he more effective features


IMO free video calls and chats let you keep touch with your family and friends. Apart from many foreign features of other mobile apps IMO helps to make video calls, send images, and send text images without worrying about overseas charges, text limits or going over on your minutes.


IMO has many pros as a main advantageous factor over other facilities provided by the app developers.

Group chatting:

If you have several friends or close relatives in your family and like to chat with them.Just make a group and add them and start chatting. Thus this would be the fun way to keep with them in Touch

Intuitive interface

The IMO present all the options clearly. So it does not lead to any difficulties about how to do and what to do. You can invite new friends start new chats with friend and also access existing groups. and browser through your individual contacts from the same group itself. And when you like to call or make text to the person,the buttons are clearly displayed on the persons contact page.


Though IMO has many pros it also have some cons.

Only IMO users

You can only use this app to communicate with the persons who were already installed and using IMO otherwise the person who were willing to install IMO,then it would be smartest app for fast communication.If it fails to meet these expectations then it is not suitable for communicating.

To select or choosing an application everything should view about the features of the app in progress. IMO gets an amazing features which makes the user to made viable decision to download it.

IMO Beta Exclusive Features :

IMO video calls is best to talk and it is mostly popular because it saves money.

The main features also contributes faster response while using the app. IMO plays the role in exact way where user make use of IMO with fast recovery.

The only need we take move towards video call is to see the faces which is mean to recognize. IMO makes it simple with amazing picture quality.

IMO also offers many stickers as many applications do.

IMO is well optimized for iPhone and Tablets and also supports for any kind of smart phones.

The success rate of IMO stands at a point it run smoothly in low Configuration Smartphones also.

IMO video call application allow the user to setup your privacy,Notifications and calls and messages,media,display and connectivity.


Get unlimited stickers

IMO is a simple social and economical app that user love to have.

But the social messengers have problem corresponding with the privacy but IMO serves the user a good enough privacy.

You can also see a complete guide for IMO downloading and external criteria should be followed while downloading in IMO for PC tutorials

Download IMO for Android mobiles:

Download and Installation procedure are made simple when you go through the following steps.

Download the secured and tested version of IMO application here.

Once you have downloaded it you can transfer IMO app to laptops,tablets and iPhones.

Installation procedure is same as other mobile applications.

Simply click on the Download IMO tag or download it from the below download option.

Some systems warn you by showing unknown app but don't take it as an account and continue installing.

Within few seconds the installation procedure gets completed.

Now just sign in with you IMO account and start using the application by filling the details required.

Now share everything within a short span and make video calls and messaging a better option. free

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