Massachusetts was originally established by Puritans and we continually seek to create a religious utopia where we can practice our religion our way. We believe in purifying the Church and being able to practice our religion as we see appropriate.
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Advantages to moving to Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Bay Colony is located in a strategic trading location where we trade directly with Britain and have a major ship building. Our cool climate and fertile farmland allows us to harvest a variety of crops and our economy is mainly based on our harvests and agriculture, our variety of crops ensures that if one crop fails that we will not run out of food.
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Massachusetts colony is a charter colony originally founded by John Winthrop, but we have more opportunity for self-government. We have an elected Governor. Our first Governor was John Haynes. Our governor serves as the executive power in our colony and represents Massachusetts to the crown.
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Where will you be going?

Massachusetts is located on the Northeastern part of the British colonies, along the Atlantic Ocean in the Massachusetts Bay. The Bay allows us easy access to transport for communication and trade with Britain. Here we would ship materials like timber, fur, fish, beer, and metal like copper. There is also a variety of jobs from farming our fertile farmland, to many apprenticeships, trade, and jobs in shipbuilding.


The Salem Witch Trials

The Salem Witch Trials occurred throughout the year 1692 and was an attempt to rid the town of Salem of witches who were thought to be out for Puritans. In the beginning girls in the town started behaving in an unusual manner. When they were examined by a doctor they were believed to be under the influence of witches and soon they started pointing out the people influencing them. These people were suspected of being witches and more than twenty were tried and hanged and many more were imprisoned.
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King Philips War

King Philips War occurred from 1675 to 1678 and was a war between the English colonists and the surrounding Native American tribes. The war was started and named after the Wompanog leader Metacom. The war was won by the colonists and many Native Americans did not survive the war which allowed the colonists to expand and settle new land.
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