Sleeping Freshman Never Lie

By David Lubar

“You know what guys do? They stand up for people. You know why? Two reasons. It's right. And it feels good. Even if the person doesn't know what you did. Maybe especially then.” ―David Lubar, Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie

The struggle of high school

High school is always a hard time for underclassmen. Scott is starting his freshman year and ready for a good year. But, there's a few things in the way of letting that happen. He is in love with the goddess of the freshman class. Seniors bully him. He is a nerd for his use of vocabulary. His mom is pregnant. What else could go wrong?
Meet the Author: David Lubar

What people are saying about this incredible book.

"A fresh genuinely funny picture of an earnest yet hapless teen...A solidly enjoyable read sprinkled with laughs, puzzles, a few groans, some oh-I-get-it nods, and generally good geeky fun throughout." -BCCB

"Lessons are learned, humor mixed with sadness is prevalent, and the bittersweet year comes to a satisfying end for both the reader and Scott." -VOYA

So, why should you read this book?

If you are a freshman just starting high school, this book is for you. Everyone goes through struggles in high school and Scott Hudson will help you get through it all! To add to that, it is the book to read right now. Everyone in high school is reading it because of the awesome tips and the relatable story line.

Emily McCord