Hillsboro Advanced Academics Guide

Spring Semester 2020

Hillsboro Advanced Academic Guide Spring 2020

During this historical event the Advanced Academics team at Hillsboro wants to help guide students & parents through independently, so students can stay well informed of the resources that are available to them.

Hillsboro Counseling Team

AIBDP Counselor Ms. Deel Teri.Deel@mnps.org

USCCUAIBC Counselor Mr. Ketner Brian.Ketner@mnps.org

AGHS Counselor Ms. Neisen Heather.Neisen@mnps.org

Freshman Counselor Mrs. Vaughn Susan.Vaughn@mnps.org


2020-2021 Schedule Form

Need Help? https://www.nashvilleresponsefund.com/individuals

The COVID-19 Response Fund was created to assist individuals and families experiencing financial hardship due to this virus. We know many in our community are struggling with the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are working quickly to provide the most up-to-date information available to help you navigate this process. We will continue to update this site regularly.

AP Human Geography

From Mr. Bahan: Charles.bahan@mnps.org

Despite the hardships faced during the 2019-20 school year the show goes on in AP Human Geography. Mr. Bahan will be posting daily activities to close out unit V and then will post out review activities to better prepare students for the APHG Exam.

APHG daily activity guide

AP Human Geography Videos

AP Language

From Ms. Cook: Lesa.Cook@mnps.org

Use the login that you created in class. Email teacher for any help.


AP Language Videos

AP Spanish

From Mrs. Rucker: Sarah.Rucker@mnps.org

Use the login that you created in class. Email teacher for any help.


AP Spanish Language & Culture Videos

AP US History

From Mr. Troy: Paul.Troy@mnps.org
  1. Access Schoology and complete notes for the rest of the year (43-62). Students should take notes on 3 PowerPoints per week. The schoology access code is: 7M9C-F3MW-4VWNC
  2. The AP is putting out a series of lessons that are video based, below is the link to watch. I recommend watching a different video 2 times a week. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoGgviqq4847VRWTPXkDwxeVvNNfoKD7J
  3. You need to be studying/reviewing all materials because as of now there will still be an AP test. The good news is it will be online and only 45 minutes in length. They will give us the full details in early April and I will update you accordingly.
  4. Email me and I can help you with content and questions. If everyone is available, we may set up a stream where you all can ask me questions/I can teach some!
  5. Stay active with your mind and body. It is far too easy to be overwhelmed or lazy during this time. Take control of your learning, your activity, and your relationships with family, friends, etc.

AP US History Videos

IB Art ****UPDATED****4/1/20

From Mrs. Hyatt: Sara.Hyatt@mnps.org

Below is a checklist of what is needed to continue the course and complete the internal and external assessments:

  1. Supply/Art Work Pick Up - TOMORROW!!! Tuesday 3/31 9-11am, at the car rider line. Please email me, group me, or text me what you need in advance because they are not allowing anyone to enter the building.
  2. Weekly Zoom meetings - Thursday’s at 1:00pm, https://us04web.zoom.us/j/9244093050 (here are tutorials on how to use Zoom, please watch them prior to our meeting if you are unfamiliar: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/206618765-Zoom-Video-Tutorials)
  3. Comparative Study and Process Portfolio Due Date: April 6th, uploaded to your folder on Schoology (all C.S. and P.P. criteria is posted on Schoology as well)
  4. Exhibition -
    1. From IB - "A candidate who is unable to set up a formal exhibition due to quarantine issues can instead photograph the artwork they have selected for their exhibition all together as a collection. The collection must include only those pieces that the candidate will submit and upload as individual pieces for assessment. The two images of the collection can be uploaded as exhibition photographs, alongside the individual images of the required number of artworks. The actual set up of the exhibition is not assessed and, in their curatorial rationale, the candidate can refer to how they would have done this."
    2. DUE DATE - April 15th. Submission directions to come.

IB Business Managment

From Dr. Kriebel: Robert.Kriebel@mnps.org

Dr. Kriebel is using Kognity

IB French

From Mr. Hackemer: Charles.Hackemer@mnps.org


From Mr. Troy Paul.Troy@mnps.org

  1. Check my website! https://sites.google.com/site/mrtroysclassroomweb/classes/ibdp-hoa-i/assignments-and-notes I will continue to update lessons, etc on there, and assign notebook work.
  2. I am also going to use schoology for you guys to upload any work that doesn’t go in your notebook. I will explain this in my ‘weekly work’ updates on my website. I will post schoology links on my website.
  3. INTERNAL ASSESSMENTS: For these, I am going to go through the ones that I have (about 1/3 of the whole class) and make general notes on what needs to improve. On my website or schoology (TBD) I will post the feedback for ALL students so that you can improve your IA’s. I may also post a pdf version of a couple more good IA’s from years past for you guys to look at. Seriously, work on the IA’s now because they will be due eventually.
  4. Email me and I can help you with content and questions. If everyone is available, we may set up a stream where you all can ask me questions/I can teach some!
  5. While the senior exams were cancelled, I seriously doubt they will cancel the 2021 exams, so do all your work.
  6. Stay active with your mind and body. It is far too easy to be overwhelmed or lazy during this time. Take control of your learning, your activity, and your relationships with family, friends, etc.

From Ms. Clifford Andrea.Clifford@mnps.org

Information about Ms. Clifford's class can be found here:

Ms. Clifford's HOA

IBDP Language & Literature

From Ms. Palumbo: Alison.Palumbo@mnps.org

From Mr. Nettles: Joseph.Nettles@mnps.org

My IB Lang. and Lit. Juniors have, at the very least, to continue to maintain their IB Student Portfolios. In these they should be keeping records of class work, reflections on how learning connects to what they see in the world, and other creative and intellectual endeavors of their own choosing. The portfolio is a new IB requirement. Also, we have to continue to prepare for Individual Oral Assessments, meaning: students must be able to verbally analyze texts and connect them to global issues. Students should be able to sustain a 10 minute exposition and interpretation of literary and non literary texts. I will continue to send reminds, invite students to Zoom meetings, and to post relevant content in Schoology.

IB Math at Hillsboro

From Ms. Humphrey Sharon.Humphrey@mnps.org

From Ms. Raby: Ashley.Raby@mnps.org

From Ms. Wilkinson Shelly.Wilkinson@mnps.org

For my junior IB math class, assignments will be sent out on Kognity and we are meeting every Thursday at 10 am on Zoom. Zoom conference details have been sent to students' email.

IB Music

From Mrs.Biederman: Allison.Biederman@mnps.org

IB Physics

From Brooks Musangu: brooks.musangu@outlook.com

Directions for All Physics (Updated 3/30/20)

From Radovan Pavlovic: Radovan.pavlovic@wcs.edu

IB Psychology

From Mr. Thweatt: Rodney.Thweatt@mnps.org

IB Personal And Professional Skills (CP Canidates)

From Mr. Butler: Will.Butler@mnps.org

From Mr. Evans: Ryan.Evans@mnps.org

IB Spanish

From Mrs. Headley: Kendall.Headley@mnps.org

Hola, estudiantes! I have posted resources and additional practice activities on my Schoology page for students under the folder "Resources/Additional Practice".


Below are some useful links for audio, grammar and vocabulary practice.

https://quizlet.com/Kendall_Headley (vocabulary)

https://personal.colby.edu/~bknelson/SLC/ (grammar)

https://www.quia.com/shared/spanish/ (grammar and vocabulary)

http://www.laits.utexas.edu/spe/index.html (audio)

Please also reference my class emails and Schoology for more detailed and structured optional assignments. If you do not have access to Schoology, please email me kendall.headley@mnps.org so that I can provide you with the optional resources posted there.

IB Spanish Ab initio

From Mrs. Rucker: Sarah.Rucker@mnps.org

IB Sports & Exercise

From Ms. Giammarella: Bonnie.Giammarella@mnps.org

  2. Current Unit (Jrs). Cardiovascular System, 2.2.
    1. We have been and will continue examining this unit by accessing materials on Schoology, your textbook, meeting via Zoom, and journal reflection.
    2. I will upload an additional unit in the next few weeks.
    3. Remember, all content is on Schoology
  3. (Jrs) Zoom meetings EVERY Wednesday, just a check-in @ 10:30 (see your emails)
  4. Group IV project (Jrs)

a. Complete background research on your projects with all annotated sources

b. Make a doc in your team google drive folder summarizing your project & progress DUE APRIL 11th

c.This is so that when returning to this project, you can pick it up with graceful ease vs. panic of lost creative trains of thought

4. A reflective journal (Seniors and Jr's):

      1. When observing mental, physical, spiritual health we think of introspection. There are many ways to do this practice. Mainly, consider mediation. Meditation can look different for everyone. This could be a walk, a run, yoga flow, kickboxing, sitting in the silence, nature exploration, journaling, etc
      2. In IBSEHS, we explore the human body and how it performs under basic and strenuous conditions. Take this time to reflect on your own body. Is your heart rate elevated? Has your breathing pattern stayed the same? How much activity are you getting? Do you feel more lethargic? What does your nutrition look like? Etc.
      3. This is an excellent season for you to notice and wonder about the body mechanics and sports psychology. Start by taking deep breaths, creating a workout, trying something new. Youtube has a world of interactive videos for trying yoga or a new activity! Maybe examine the history behind some of these practices or activities. Deep dive into the health benefits for you and those around you.
      4. Write about your inquiries, wonders, adventures, thought patterns, pre and post sessions, etc.

IB Theory of Knowledge (TOK)

From Mr. Butler: Kristin.Butler@mnps.org

From Mr. Nettles: Joseph.Nettles@mnps.org

IA: the Presentation on a Knowledge Question connected to a real world situation. students should be actively working on these; they should be completing the formal Presentation Planning Form under the TOK tab in ManageBac. Again, I am in regular contact with my seniors via Remind and will be inviting them to join Zoom meetings as well.

IB Theatre Arts

From Mrs. Butler: Kristin.Butler@mnps.org


Hillsboro's Library Resources Page


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