Gaucho Hat

By: Andrew, Michella, Sara M, and Kaden P

About gaucho hats

Gaucho hats were worn by gauchos to keep the sun out of their eyes as they herd cattle.

History of the gaucho

Gauchos are found mainly in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Southeastern Bolivia, Southern Brazil and Southern Chile. In Brazil, gaúcho is also the main demonym of the people from the state of Rio Grande do Sul. In the Argentine pampas gauchos are the main workers on an estancia. Their duty is to herd cattle all year round. They are excellent horsemen. They also use different types of weapons like the bola and lassos for herding cattle.

The gaucho plays an important symbolic role in the nationalist feelings of this region, especially that of Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

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Flamingo hats are another type of gaucho hat, but for flamingo dancing.


the gaucho costs £ 3,000