Intermediate Schools Poly Fest 2022

Titahi Bay Intermediate School 28th October 2022

Kia ora whānau,

Just a reminder that our Siva group is heading to Trust Stadium in Masterton this morning to represent our school in the Wellington Intermediate Schools Poly Fest. They have been working hard over the past week to polish their performance. A big thanks to Chaedyn Ngaroi and Helen Kopa-Tupou for their leadership with our Siva as well as enhancing our siva costumes, our students look fantastic.

Our students will do us all proud!

Masterton Intermediate School who are hosting this event have sent through information on how the Poly Fest can be viewed:

via their Masterton Intermediate School Facebook page or through the links below:

Here is a link for people to use who do not have facebook:

Also, it will be on the Wairarapa TV YouTube channel or live on Wairarapa TV Freeview channel 41 or they can use the Wairarapa TV phone app.

Our school is scheduled to perform at 1.50 p.m. but depending on previous performances it may be earlier or a little later.

Stream in and support our students.


Dairne Kaimoana