Think before you drink

The Terrible Effects of Drinking

Short Term Effects of Drinking

Short term effects are effects you get right after you drink for a short period of time. Some short term effects are throwing up, dizziness, and impaired judgement. Impaired judgement can make you feel like you can do anything and it makes things look different. That is why drinking and driving are bad.

Long Term Effects of Drinking

Long term effects occur when you have been drinking for a long period of time. Long term effects are cancer of the mouth, tongue, and throat, cirrhoses of the liver, and a disease called alcoholism. Alcoholism is when you are dependent on alcohol. People who are around alcoholics tend to become ones themselves.

Types of Alcohol.

There are three different types of alcohol. Methyl, isopropyl, and ethanol. Methyl alcohol is found in wood finishings and paint. You cannot drink this. Isopropyl is used for a disinfectants to clean medical tools. You can't drink this. The last type of alcohol is ethanol it is found in alcoholic beverages. You can drink this.