Mrs. Simon's Summer Vacation


Simon's family visits 10 states and 4 countries in 12 weeks

Our family took many trips this summer! Some trips we took together and some we did not. At least one person from our family visited Ohio, Minnesota, Indiana, Illinois, Nevada, Arizona, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. Someone also visited Poland, Hungary, Germany, and the Czech Republic.

Biggest fish of the week!

In August our family took its annual Hayward, Wisconsin trip. Out of twenty family members Mrs. Simons caught the largest fish!

Sarah competes in AAU National Gymnastic Meet in Las Vegas

Our first trip of the summer was to Las Vegas. Mr. Simons, Mrs. Simons, Rachel and Sarah spent a week there. Sarah competed for a day and then we saw the sights!! It was very hot, 112 one day, but we had a great time!

Travels to Minnesota

In July, everyone but Abi packed up for a road trip to Minnesota! We toured the University of Minnesota and saw some of the city. If I had to move to another city, Minneapolis would be my first choice.

Last trip!

To make the most of our summer, Mr and Mrs. Simons, Rachel, Thomas, and Sarah traveled to Sandusky, Ohio. We had a great time at the amusement park (although it was cold). We also went to a Brewer vs. Indians game in Cleveland and to an African Safari Wildlife Drive Thru Park.