Take Home Tuesday

Browne EC's Weekly Newsletter

Message from Principal Davis

I sincerely hope this letter finds you and your families well and in good spirits. I and my family are well. Like many of you we are learning to adjust to what has been described as “The new normal.” Despite the many adjustments, this time with my family has been filled with good times- pancakes in the morning, bike rides to the park, family meetings before bedtime and the opportunity to connect with and observe my children in ways that have been transformative for us all. It is my hope and prayer that you too have been able to be present with your loved ones during this unprecedented time.

There is no doubt, that in so many ways, Covid19 has changed our lives. The adage, “Teamwork makes the dream work,” comes to mind as a fitting mantra as we learn and grow our way through SY 20- 21. The truth is, there are no experts at shifting 50,000+ scholars to virtual learning. However, with you on our team, I know that our scholars will succeed.

Browne Community Conversations

We are almost a week away from the start of school and I am sure many of you have question. To this end, we have set up a few “Browne Community Conversations” for next week. It is my hope and dream to host at least two community conversations per month.

The purpose of these conversations are threefold:

1. Solicit feedback- We value you and want to hear your concerns and feedback.

2. Share information- We want to ensure that you are aware of the happenings and programming taking place at Browne EC.

3. Improve our services- We want to learn how we can better serve you and your families.

Our first round “Browne Community Conversations” will take place on Wednesday August 26th, 2020. In an effort to accommodate the schedules of all parents, we have selected 2 times to meet: 9am and 6pm. We will cover the same information at both meetings. Given the diversity of technological access we have also decided to use the app zoom for our call. This way parents can call in using their phone or connect via their internet accessible device. The information for the call is listed below:

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 812 3659 1547

Passcode: 092465

If you are calling in by phone only:

  • Dial 301-715-8592 #
  • You will be added to the meeting.

Virtual Learning Updates and Schedules

Parents, as you all know, will be re-opening SY 20-21 virtually with the first day for students K-8 on Monday, August 31st, 2020. The first day of school for Pre-K students is Thursday, September 3rd, 2020. Our ECE educators (PreK3 and PreK4) will be using the first three days to engage with families to build relationships virtually. During these virtual (or phone) engagements, educators will introduce themselves to parents, meet scholars and discuss plans for the year (including hopes and dreams). Actual instruction for PreK3 and PreK 4 scholars should begin on the 3rd, in alignment with the original 20-21 calendar.

Our Virtual Learning instructional hours will vary based on your scholars’ grade level. Our daily schedules include direct instruction, one-on-one student check-ins, small group instruction, and teacher consultation as needed.

Please review the daily schedule by grade-levels. Live lessons will begin on the first day of school for Kindergarten- 8th grade scholars.

Technology and Supplies

Device Survey

If your student is in need of a device to access the online learning platforms and you were unable to complete the DCPS device needs survey, there is still time. Please complete the survey here. If you have completed the survey and would like to speak with a member of our staff, please contact our main office at 202-671- 6210 or email Mr. Michael Troxler at michael.troxler@k12.dc.gov.

Student Device Pick-Up

We will be utilizing this week to distribute devices to our Browne Scholars. Our schedule is as follows:

Our office staff will contact you with your appointment time. If you have not received a phone call for an appointment, please contact the school at 202-671-6210. All scholars must be enrolled and complete the technology survey to receive their device.

Big picture

Please note that you will not be able to receive a device or supplies until you have fully enrolled for SY20-21.

We will also be providing some basic school supplies (pencils, notebooks, crayons, etc.) to families who are in need of these supplies. Please also contact our main office and speak with Ms. Elease McCants if you are in need of assistance.

Virtual Learning Guidelines

· Student Attendance

Daily attendance in virtual classes is mandatory and students will be expected to arrive to live lessons on time and remain engaged in learning activities for the duration of the instructional day. Please review the Browne EC instructional day schedules above.

· Dress Code
Browne is a uniform school and we encourage all students to wear their school uniforms when engaging in live lessons. Our school uniform is a yellow (ECE); Forrest Green (K-5); white top (6th- 8th) and khaki brown bottoms.

Parent University
DCPS is offering a new series of Parent University virtual workshops to help families #ReopenStrong with learning at home. DCPS Parent University is a workshop series facilitated by the Office of Communications and Engagement. The workshops are an opportunity for families to share strategies and learn new ones from each other and DCPS Central Office teams. Sessions take place live on Tuesday at 3pm and Thursdays at 5:30pm. And are available at youtube.com/dcpublicschools the following day.

RSVP for upcoming workshops at: bit.ly/dcpsparentursvp. For questions, email DCPS at ParentU@k12.dc.gov.

Verification Letter for Families for COVID-19 Leave
Many DCPS families have job-protected leave to care for a child whose school or place of care is closed for reasons related to COVID-19. If you require verification of your child’s school enrollment and DCPS’ operating status, please reach out to Principal Davis at your earliest convenience. DCPS is legally obligated to provide such verification. Principal Davis can be reached at dwight.davis@k12.dc.gov or via our website: www.brownedc.org

We truly appreciate your patience, flexibility, and grace as we navigate opening school virtually. We will continue to support each other in ensuring that our scholars receive the best education in the nation.

Please feel free to contact me at dwight.davis@k12.dc.gov if you have any questions or need any support.


Principal Davis