Performance Final Pt 1 & 2

"Can We Auto-Correct Humanity Reflection"

Luis Quinteros

Prince Ea in his rap " Can We Auto-Correct Humanity Reflection" expresses his concern over technology addiction in this age of social media. He rejects the idea of people and teens spending all the time on social media all day but to be balanced and socialize personally with your friends “Take control or be controlled, Make a decision”. Ea encourages Americans to get active and reduce cellphone usage in order to get the people to be mindful of those that love them and spend more time with them. In his emotional and deep tone, he sends a message to everyone who has been sucked into the addiction of social media. I really like it because it’s a very powerful poem that emphasizes the point of talking to people face to face in a society where technology is not taking over our lives. He rapped many deep quotes that really makes you think of what this society has come too and how people are to focused on friend lists but in reality, they are friendless. He also describes how cellphone usage can cause mental disorders like depression and loss of face to face communication. Another Example is that in the article, “Maintaining Real Relationships in the Digital World” the 82 participants health and happiness declined. One can totally relate to the rap and article because mostly everyone today is constantly on either Twitter, Snapchat, or Instagram caring more about how a picture look likes at the dinner table instead of socializing with the family. I believe that one should control themselves first in phone usage and start advocating the benefits of less usage and how happy one can be and it may change someone’s life. As I read the article, Phone usage isn’t all that bad as I have portrayed it so far, but you have to manage it properly. Some teens have found happiness in finding a community in social media that accepts their ideals. Also, it can benefit in spreading the word out about current event issues that affects a certain group or cause. I believe social media is something that was made in our time for fun but in reality has cause much controversy in how us teens are being sucked into and missing out on what’s really important to us.

Media Literacy Review

My take on media literacy has changed so much since coming into this class again. Since I wasn’t in class almost half the semester last year, I missed out on what media literacy was. Thankfully I was put back in this class and with the help of Ms. Kim I believe my knowledge on Media Literacy has dramatically helped me be aware of the society we live in and how technology has come a long in our generation. The fact is that in today’s society, social media is a necessity, everyone HAS to have a phone. and in this class, I’ve learned that there are so many pros and cons about media literacy and people need to understand what it is in order to go out into the real world. For example, nowadays as social media and technology has increased in usage, movements and forms are protests are advertised online as a way to send a message about current event issues that affect our society today. LGBT and Black Lives Matter are examples that have started out as simple hashtags and now have come a long as a way to protest against the government.

This class has also made me think real hard about the world we live in today. I never realized how mind bottling it is that our government could be a dystopian society in so many ways. As we watched V for Vendetta, I noticed that their government would create fake news and disease that would scare the people into a state of fear and leave it to the government in trade for their loyalty. The same thing with 1984 and it has made we realize how similar our governments are with those main themes that George Orwell wrote about. All we heard about in the CNN News was diseases, war, and economic problems and it always reminded me how we constantly at war and always have new viruses coming up. Like it has never stopped in my lifetime and it makes you really think if our government is manipulating us.

Well Ms. Kim, I really enjoyed being in your class for a whole year. I like how you are very laid back and funny and I believe you shouldn’t change the way you teach because you already good to go at being course leader. But like you said, you should really give attention to all your students. I would believe you favored them over us but its ight we know you love us. All the smores and precis were really easy but I hate the fact that we had to make videos. Those are my weaknesses and it may be to other people too. But I don’t know, you the one with a masters degree. But yea I really enjoyed your class and I hope we can meet later in the future and see how I’ve matured as a man. Keep up the good work cause I know you’ll be just fine teaching our future generation.