Super Sumer City News

By: Anthony Gerard & Sam Perper

Catching up WIth the City

Thank you for reading the Super Sumer City News. We are presenting many exciting news stories; such as one about the new king, Gilgamesh. Who shall rule our city for many years under an iron fist. Once again, thank you, for choosing Super Sumer City News.

Breaking News

Architectural Breakthroughs

With our great architectural skills, we have managed to create the arch. The arch is a very helpful building decoration, that can also be used to hold up building entrances. It can help build house parts, such as: the roof, hallways, and other entrances. It is also helping create the chariot. This is a great time for the Sumerians.


The new king Gilgamesh is offering food to the poor people who don't have enough money to pay for food. This is offered to poor people who are important to the rest of the city (such as farmers and slaves). The deal is that for every grain of food you get, you must pay back within the year, or you will be put to death.

Large Bone Found

There has been a large bone found in the ground, when we were digging canals for irrigation. We believe that this was the bone of a man that was about 50-70 feet tall. His species of giants is thought to have died out as the first god was born. It would be interesting if we could fine one of these beasts living today.

Famous People's Injuries

Many famous people have been injured recently, such as the royal family, which is who we will be focusing on. As you all already know, Dumuzid, our former king, has passed, and been replaced by Gilgamesh. Also, the prince has broken his left leg, and we have taken him to our highest priest so that he will be healed. Finally, Dumuzid's wife has committed suicide because of everything that has happened so fast.

We Need Help!

Are you desperate for a job? Come to Mr. Griffin's house, just left of the palace, for an opening for farmers! Offering one loaf of bread every week, a slab of meat per month, or a thick animal coat after a year.

Are you a scribe with an opening? If so, please come of to Mr. Simpson's house, as he needs someone to record a receipt for his barter by tomorrow.


We are interviewing some of the high priests and asking them about their personal opinions of the new king, Gilgamesh.

Question: "How do you feel about the new king, Gilgamesh?"

Keesh-shag, "I am confident that Gilgamesh will be a good king! He is very strong, a great leader, and over half god!"

Lizash, "I feel that Gilgamesh wouldn't be a very good king. Although he is more god than man, I think he values himself to highly over us. This is appose to Dumuzid, he thought of us priests as very important people.

Taryan, "I am not willing to give an honest opinion, about how I feel with the kind of king that Gilgamesh will turn out to be."