Is texting becoming too addictive? From my actions it is.

By: Haley Eckstein

I’m on my social media way too much while doing homework, and I need to start turning off my notifications on my Ipad from stopping it.

What texting does

Spending 8 or more hours looking at a screen that’s bright can hurt your eyes. Also this can have a negative impact on your grammar. As you’re going through everything on your device, usually the eyes start to get tired and kinda start to blur up. Of course being on the media to talk to some friends is fun, but spending less time on the different types of social media apps will help. Texting your friends affects your grammar negatively. Teens lack of grammar in formal writing which is diddly. When they’re texting I bet they don’t even realize that they’ve misspelled something. Why haven’t they noticed the errors in their writing exactly? The reason why is because of autocorrect and laziness. It shows a lack of intimacy. Every year the misspellings, missing punctuation, spacing mistakes, and abbreviations seem to increase. If you are continually using a particular slang term, a particular shortcut, or abbreviation, then it’s not surprising that it will start to creep into your schoolwork. “In 2008 they found out that 64% of teenagers used formal writing styles of electronic communication in their schoolwork. 50% used informal capitalization, 38% used abbreviations like LOL, and 25% used emoticons.” (Potenza pg.1)


When I’m doing homework, “Ding”, a notification goes off. I of course see what the notification is and it’s a text message from my friend. I decide to take a little break but guess what, that break turned into hours. Putting the homework off until later was probably not the brightest idea ever. People probably have this same issue too. There are a few solutions that can help you from this problem. “First of all, the environment where you will do your homework should be conducive to studying and doing homeworks. It means that area in your house should have less distraction around. Your bedroom may not be a very ideal place because it is usually filled with too many distractions like your PC or laptop, cellphone, television and video games, etc.”(unknown pg.1) If you turn off notifications on your phone then you might be able to concentrate more. “This means turning off your cell-phone, turn off the television or if necessary, you can disconnect from the internet for the time being. Make small sacrifices in order to not get distracted.” (unknown pg.1) Doing homework downstairs away from the electronics also helps.


Turning off my notifications did help me from texting my friends. Sometimes sitting at the table downstairs away from all the technology in my room does help me. Although sometimes I do take a little break just to see what my friend wrote me. I’ll usually just tell her that I need to do my homework and I’ll text her later. Although I do have to admit that i do try to finish the homework quickly. I still need to fix that issue but other than that it’s all good. Just make sure to take your time on homework and do not try to rush.


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