Serial killers

Herb Baumeister

Herb Baumeister (1947-1996)

Born in Indianapolis, IN

Died in Grand Bend, Canada

Spouse: Julie Baumeister

Children: Eric Baumeister, Maria Baumeister, Emily Baumeister

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His childhood was normal, but then began exhibiting antisocial behavior.

He used to play with dead animals and he used to urinate in his teacher's desk.

In 1965 he attended to Indiana university for a semester before dropping out and later returned in 1967.

He was diagnosed with schizophrenia, but he never received psychiatric treatment.

He was married in 1971 with Julie B. They had 3 children.

In the 1970's, he was committed to a psychiatric hospital by his father.

On September 3, 1985 he committed a hit & run while intoxicated. He did not received severe punishment.

On march 27, 1986 he was charged with auto theft and conspiracy to commit theft.

In 1988, His mother loaned him $4,000 to open a Thrift store "SAV-A-LOT" which made him $50,000 in its first year. he then open a second store.

later He and his family were able to move to Fox Hollow Farm: a 1 million dollar estate in the west field district.


Herb began to frequent the local gay bars in search of potential victims to lure back to his pool house.


Once he got these men back to fox follow farm he would ensure they were intoxicated, invite them in the pool and strangle them to death.

Their remains were discarded in the woods behind his home.


There were a lot of reports of missing gay men in the area, but at that time police didn't put to much effort into the investigating the missing gay men.

In 1992, law enforcement began to investigate when they received information from Tony Harris.

Tony H. called the police and claimed someone by the name of "Brian Smart" had killed his friend and try to kill him and because "Brian Smart" was not a real name it was unable to locate that person and so the killing continued.

In 1994 his business began to fail.

One of Herb's sons, Erich B. found a human skull on the backyard.

In 1995 Tony Harris had another run with "Brian Smart" at a local gay bar. this time tony H. had a license plate number.

Police later found out that "Brian Smart' was herb Baumeister.

when police arrived at the property and asked herb & Julie for a search both refused.

one day, investigators were able to speak to Julie H. alone. they told Julie that his husband was suspected for killing several gay men.

In 1996, both herb's SAV-A-LOT stores shut down and became depressed. Julie was filing for divorce and suing for sole custody of their 3 children. Julie H. Contacted police and agreed to a full search of the property while Herb B. was away in vacation.

During the initial search law enforcement recovered 5, 500 bones, bone fragments, and teeths from 4 different victims.

140 more bones from seven additional bodies were found in this location along with many beer cans of herb's favorite drink.

In all, 11 bodies were found, but only 8 could be identified.

Police also discovered a video camera hiding in a corner of the pool house were Herb B. had committed multiple murders.

After Herb B. Knew he was suspected for killing he escaped to Canada. One evening a Canadian trooper approached him. Herb B. told him he was a tourist. the trooper noted that there was a large stack of video tapes in his backseat of his car.

The next day, on July 3, 1996 Herb killed him self with a shot to the head from a .357 magnum in grand Bend, Ontario, Canada.

He left a 3 page suicide note giving his reasons for his suicide. a failed marriage and business. He made note of the fact that he had planned to kill himself. he never confessed to any of the murders.

The video tapes spotted the previous evening by the trooper were never found.

Herb's body was found 8 days after his death.

Facts (2009)

In 2009, one of the new owners of the fox hollow farm spotted a man in a red t-shirt on the woods. she notice that he had no legs - he was just floating, the disappeared.

They also notice that the front door opens its self, they have seen the knob twisting its self like someone outside was trying to get in.

police collected more bones and skulls

Other people have seen the same man with the red t-shirt, they assumed that it is one of Herb's Victims.

The Haunting of Fox Hollow Farm - Trailer