Washington School News - Oct. 2019

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Principal Information

We had a smooth opening to the school year. Thank you families for helping to make this the best school in Lowell! Here is some basic reminders.

1. Please do not park in front of the building during arrival or dismissal. You will get stuck in the bus lines.

2. We will have someone on duty outside at 8:30 AM each day when school begins. When possible, I will be out there early, but this is not guaranteed.

3. Facebook has the most updated information. Follow us @lpsdWashington.

4. Our website translates the information into many languages.

Very Important Dates

October 8th - School Site Council - 6:00 PM

October 9th - Early Release Day - 12:50 PM

October 9th - Move-A-Thon - 10:15-11:15 AM

October 14th - Columbus Day - No School

October 24th - Picture Day

October 29th - Trunk or Treat - 5:00-6:00 PM

School Site Council

Tuesday, Oct. 8th, 6pm

795 Wilder Street

Lowell, MA

We need family members to join our School Site Council. Six times throughout the year we meet to discuss "All Things Washington". Some topics include academics, social events, safety, and any other burning topics. Please email me of call if you want to participate.

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Attendance Matters

Chronic Attendance is defined as being out 18 days each year in school which is 10% of the total school year. Each year the school is graded on the percentage of students who fall into this category. We are obligated to reduce this percentage each and every year. Please help us in doing this by:

1. Only taking vacations on school vacation weeks.

2. Stressing the importance of being here each and every day.

We will continue to reward students with perfect attendance and near perfect attendance for entire months starting with October. Please help us by getting your children to school on-time and ready to learn every day.


Wednesday, Oct. 9th, 10:15am

Callery Park, Lowell, MA, USA

Lowell, MA


DATE: OCTOBER 9, 2019 - Early Release Day

TIME: 10:15 AM – 11:15 AM


PURPOSE: The Move-a-thon promotes fitness and exercise while also helping to finance the field trips and events that the Washington School sponsors. This is a great fundraiser because we keep 100% of the profits! We are hoping that each family will raise at least $10.00 for the school. Thank you in advance for your support!

HOW IT WORKS: On the above date, participants in the MOVE-A-THON will run, jog, or walk around the field as many times as possible during their time period. Younger participants will be monitored and will be strongly encouraged to walk.

HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Each participant will be asked to obtain as many sponsors as possible to pledge either a specific amount for each lap completed (example: 25 cents per lap) or just a flat rate donation. (example: $10.00 donation) Please DO NOT let your children go to homes of people that you don’t know.

PLEDGE SHEET: Each student has been given a sheet that will be used to keep track of their pledges. If you need additional sponsor pledge sheets, they can be obtained from your child's teachers.

CLOTHING: Prepare your child to jog or walk for about 30-40 minutes. This means wearing appropriate clothing and sneakers or comfortable shoes.

COLLECTIONS: In the days following the MOVE-A-THON, the participants will be asked to collect and turn in their pledges to their child’s teacher. All money should be turned in by Friday, October 18, 2019.

OPT-OUT: If you do not want your child to participate in the MOVE-A-THON please contact the teacher or principal.

VOLUNTEERS: If you want to volunteer, please contact the office. We will need volunteers to help count laps. You will need an approved CORI for this school year to help.

Trunk or Treat

Tuesday, Oct. 29th, 5-6pm

795 Wilder Street

Lowell, MA

Trick-or-Treating at the Washington Tuesday, October 29th, 5:00-6:00 PM

Washington students and their IMMEDIATE families are invited to trick-or-treat in our parking lot! We will need families to decorate the trunks of their cars or truck beds with a theme. Cars will need to be in our lot at 4:30 for safety reasons and cannot leave until all students have left the lot. We need families to decorate cars for this event to work. Please email me at jmccrevan@lowell.k12.ma.us to volunteer your decorated vehicle and pick a theme.

Please help by donating suggested treats at the school office for the event!

• Candy - individually wrapped, nut-free preferred

• Stickers + Pencils or erasers

Costumes must be appropriate for school

and for young children.

• Please no weapons

• Not too scary or gory

• Age-appropriate and not too revealing

Check out Trunk or Treat ideas online at http://www.ldsliving.com/50-Trunk-or-Treat-Decorating-Ideas-You-Wish-You-Had-Time-For/s/77013 or Google Trunk or Treat ideas.

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Safety Drills

We will be completing safety drills related to lockdowns and severe weather drills sometime in October or November. We will let you know in advance about these drills.We will discuss the drills with students before we practice them and read stories related to emergency drills with our youngest of students. More discussion of this will take place at School Site Council.

Picture Day

Thursday, Oct. 24th, 8:30am

795 Wilder Street

Lowell, MA

Picture Day will take place on October 24th! A packet will be sent home before that day. You must have the packet filled out and the money in school on October 24th to buy pictures. All students will have pictures taken for school records.

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