Last Wk of School! Info & Pics!!

Dear Naquag Families,

Resiliency. Perseverance. Innovation. These are just a few words that I think of when reflecting back on the 2019-2020 school year. We all missed our customary end of school activities (Literacy Parade, June Concert, PTO Book Fair, PTO Field Day, etc.). However, the absence of tradition does not diminish the learning, growth and achievements that have taken place over the last ten months.

Our teachers adapted and innovated like never before. We were forced to reimagine and rethink how learning for all students can happen outside of traditional classrooms. We used collaboration and innovation to problem solve. We recognized when things weren't perfect and continued to concentrate on how we can improve and continue to work together to better serve our students. Well done Naquag teachers and staff.

June always brings with it a feeling of change. This year we, as a District, reflect on the year that has passed as we look ahead to the future. The WRSD reopen/redesign planning process for the 2020-2021 school year is underway. From Superintendent McCall: "We have established a reopening task force that consists of a variety of stakeholders representing school personnel, parents and medical professionals. The task force is focusing on five areas, including health/medical, mental health, academic, technology, and routines/procedures. The work of this task force to date has been significant, and a final document that includes detailed recommendations will be submitted to me in early July. As part of this task force’s work, we are asking for your input through a survey. Please follow the link below to share your feedback. WRSD Reopening Task Force Preliminary Survey "

Thank you Naquag families for your continued understanding, compassion, kindness, and grace during this challenging year in education due to COVID 19. We appreciate your partnership as we work together to ensure exceptional, educational experiences for our children. We end this school year with utmost gratitude and pride for our Naquag children and families.

June Reminders / Updates:

Quarter 4 Report Cards: Parents have access through the Power School Parent Portal for quarter 4. Please note that quarter 4 report cards are based on remote learning. There are two ratings: Progressing Toward Expectations (PTE) & Not Progressing Toward Expectations (NPE). The District's goal is to address targeted data in the fall so we know where students are academically. We plan for educators to teach and reteach standards as needed.

Here is our last Smore for this school year!

6/12/2020 Last Week of School

Here are our Spring 2020 School Videos! (Thank you Mrs. Gough for creating these videos!)

April 2020 Naquag Misses You!

May 2020 Naquag Says Hello!

May 29 Naquag Wave Parade!

Happy Summer 2020!

Spring 2020:

You were learning from a book. You were learning in a nook.

You were working in a chair. You could work from anywhere.

We were happy in our room. We were happy doing Zoom.

I see you in my mind. I know that you are kind.

Know that wherever you go and whatever you do; I will always be very proud of you

Although we are apart. You are forever in my heart.

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Big picture