Brendel Bulletin Week Ahead

Volume 19 - January 18, 2016

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This date is on Wednesday, January 20th. The library will be closed to accommodate this event. Please be courteous of the the students and parents when taking your classes through the hallways.

STAR & DRA2 Winter Assessment Window

Reminder that the STAR testing window begins on Wednesday, January 6th and goes till January 29th. Please make sure and let Title staff know if you need assistance with small group testing. Also the DRA2 assessment deadline is January 29th as well.

BLUE Observation Week

This week is a "Blue" week (Melynchek, Hugo, Eickholt, Hoffmeyer, DeRussell). Please make sure to have your plans updated in Planbook or in my box Monday. Feel free to shoot me a time that works best and we can work to coordinate our calendars.

Print Shop & Paper Consumption

As we move into the second half of the school year I have begun to "audit" our paper consumption. It would appear that this year we are ahead of where we have been in year's past. We are placing an additional paper order that should suffice for the rest of the school year but please make sure to utilize print shop for larger quantities. I DO NOT want to begin auditing individual accounts on this but may have to if we can't streamline consumption.

GB City Police Lunches

Officer Rossi came to visit with me the other day and told me about a new program that City PD is working on. Beginning this week officers will be attempting to get into the lunches of all the city buildings (Perry, GBHS, Brendel, Holy Family) on a weekly basis. This is to meet with the kids and also for individual officers to understand the layouts of our buildings. Just an FYI if you see an increased presence on campus.

JUNO Tech Support

Reminder that Kerry Applegate will be available in the lab on Wednesday morning from 8-8:40am for JUNO questions on updating your assessments, etc.

K-5 Health Reps - Michigan Model

At this time I am going to be assigning the following grades for the March PD date: KDG, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th. I will contact you directly on this and have you fill out a conference authorization. This date is for Michigan Model PD. Reps will bring back information to their PLC. Also as a reminder Chris Nicholas has the "Red" binder that outlines the check sheet for all the Michigan Model units that should be taught throughout the year. Please make sure to update this as it is part of checkout procedures in June. Most PLC's are teaching these lessons on the half days and rotating between rooms.

#34 - All Call

Again as a reminder the all call system is for emergency purposes from the classrooms. As a building we should utilize our walkies as much as possible to protect instructional time and not interrupt the rooms. We as an office will do our best to do a better job of this as well to not interrupt over the entire school.

Male Mentoring

This Wednesday is our Male Mentoring night for January. We have contracted with Guy Louis (the music man) for the next three months. Guy will be coming to campus Jan-Mar and working with our mentors/mentees on mindfulness activities and healthy living. He will be highlighting, music, food and meditation amongst other things. We are excited to have Guy back and will share whatever we can!

3-5 Math Mavericks

This Wednesday at Curriculum Center right after school is the January, Math Mavericks meeting for 3rd-5th grade teachers. This is facilitated by department chair, Amy Blair and is open to all staff. Please feel free to attend and contribute to the great discussion on best mathematical practices in the classroom!

5th Grade - WMS Presentations

Just a reminder that on Wednesday morning at 9:30am the counselor from WMS will be on campus to meet with our 5th grade students about their transition to middle school and course selections. This will coincide with the beginning of the Spelling Bee in the library so please make sure that the students are quiet leaving the cafeteria.

Activities Committee

Thursday morning's Activities Committee meeting will have two focuses: Reading Month and 100th Day of School. We will be looking to coordinate a theme around "Traditional Literature" that can work K-5. This theme needs to tie into the AESOP's Fables MadCap assembly, Toilet Paper Drive, Pint Sized Blood Drive, Behavior Fridays and the Jack and the Beanstalk whole school assembly. Send your ideas!!!

Grade Level WIN Meetings

As stated in the minutes from Leadership committee we will begin this month forfeiting one staff meeting in the place of "Grade Level WIN Meetings". This meeting will take place in PLC groups. The format will be informal but staff should come prepared to discuss students with academic/social concerns. This time frame will allow for support staff to be on campus and to circulate to assist in a mini-SAT (child study) process. The first of these will take place on Jan 26th. We will host these at a site TBD. Thoughts are to do this in the 4/5 hall with K/1, 2/3 and 4/5 all assigned to a room in close proximity.

Upcoming Dates:

January 20th - Male Mentoring 4-6pm w/ Guy Louis

January 21st - Activities Committee

January 22nd - End of 2nd MP & 1st Semester

January 24th - Records Day (No Students)

January 26th - Grade Level WIN Meeting @ 8am

January 27th - Report Cards Due @ 9am

January 28th - Crisis Team Meeting @ 8am

January 29th - Report Cards Sent Home