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Sunday, September 18th 2016

Important Reminders!

1. This Wednesday, September 21st is a Late Start morning! School begins at 9:25.

2. This Friday, September 23rd is the Addams Fall Festival. The fun begins at 6pm!

3. If you haven't already, please sign up for a parent/teacher conference time using the link below!

Click here --->

A BIG Thank You!

Thank you to all the parents and guardians that took time out of their Thursday evenings to come to curriculum night and meet Mr. Dionne, Mrs. Mitchell, and yours truly! :) We had a great turn out, and it was exciting to meet all of you! I hope you found our presentation informative and helpful.

In case you missed it, please visit our website (link at the bottom of this newsletter) to view our powerpoint presentation.

Also, a huge thank you for getting your kiddos to school last week and making sure they were well rested for the NWEA! We rocked it and got all of our tests done in ONE WEEK! Now we can finally truly dive into the curriculum with few interruptions :) get ready for homework!

Math Unit 1: Exploring Place Value

This week in math we will be working on:

-Writing numbers in standard, expanded, and word form

-Rounding numbers

-Working with numbers to 1million

-Fact fluency (please remember to have your child practice their multiplication facts!)

**Important Homework Feedback Information**

Since homework and classwork is practice for your child and is not counted towards their marks on the report card, we will not be grading all the problems on homework. However, I think it is very important that you and your child have feedback on how they are doing as they practice these concepts. In addition to collecting homework to check for completion and quality effort, I will also be selecting 3-5 focus questions to be corrected. These focus questions will be selected to reflect the crucial skills taught during our lessons and will give insight into how well your child is understanding the concept. If they are getting these wrong, please review with them at home where they made mistakes so that they can have a better understanding for the next time. Look for checked homework in your child's Friday Folder each week!

*Please also know that topics are subject to change, depending on how much time it takes us to master a new concept.

Reading Unit 1: Building Strong Reading Habits

Our first reading unit is all about reminding students of good reading habits to start the year. As a class, we will be reading "How to Steal A Dog" by Barbara O'Connor, and your child should have a book they are reading independently. This book can be from home, my library, the Addams library, or the Royal Oak Library.

Reading strategies we will be practicing this week include:

-What are strong reading habits?

-Creating reading goals

-Choosing "just right books"

-Keeping track of our pace

-Reading with our 1st grade buddies :)

Important Reading Information:

1. Every week, your child will have a weekly reading response that they need to complete in their reader's notebook. They will have a specific day of the week when they will always turn in their notebook. For example, some students will always turn their notebooks in on Tuesdays. Regardless of their "turn-in day", students will have a week to complete their reading response. Directions for this are glued on the first page of their reader's notebook.

2. Book bags are to be with your child at all times! When they are at home, their book bag should be at home and when they are at school, their book bag should be at school. This ensures that your child always has something to read and in the event they have reading homework, they always have their materials. In their book bag they should have the following items: books they are reading regardless of where they are from, their reader's notebook, and their reading folder with their reading log.

3. Reading logs are for recording reading minutes that your child has done at home only! Please remember that your child should be reading for at least 30 minutes, 5 times per week outside of school. Their reading log should be filled out and signed by you frequently! Reading logs are due at the beginning of each month.

What's New in Writing?

This week in writing, we will focus on the following skills:

-Thinking "on paper" and expanding story ideas

-Developing a believable character (internal and external characteristics)

-Character development continued (struggles and motivations)

-Character development continued (how they view themselves vs. how others view them)

Words their Way - Spelling

Students will be taking their Words their Way diagnostic spelling test this week and will be placed into groups. You can expect to see their first sorts coming home next week.

Fun with our 1st Grade Reading Buddies!