RMHS Communication Updates

2020-2021 Welcome Back Pt. 1

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GREETINGS RMHS Students and Families

Welcome back, Grizzlies! We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our students, regardless of how we will be meeting. ALL teachers and staff are working hard to prepare for our students to ensure we are providing them with the best education while keeping them as safe as possible during this pandemic. Even though we are still waiting on the decision of whether we will be starting in a Hybrid (Yellow) or Remote/Online (Red) stage, we wanted to send out some communication to help you prepare for the start of the 2020-2021 school year.

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Meet the RMHS Administration

Mike Hirano: Head Principal

Jason Dransfield: Assistant Principal—Special Education

Melissa Knueven: Assistant Principal—Academics, students M-Z

Troy Rice: Activities Director

Brooke Roy: Assistant Principal—Academics, students A-L

Matt Smith: Assistant Principal—Building Health & Safety, Behavior Remediation, all students

Safety Updates

Each school has created a COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan for the school year that has been posted to individual school websites. To view this plan, please click here.

A few things you will notice when you are in the building:

  • Frequent reminders to wear masks, wash hands, and use hand sanitizer.
  • Social distancing guidelines and reminders.
  • Hand sanitizing stations throughout the building and within each classroom.
  • Orange griz paws placed on the floor to help with new traffic flow patterns and social distancing guidelines.
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4-by-4 Block Model for High School Instruction

WASD has adopted the 4-by-4 Block for high school instruction for the 2020-2021 school year regardless of the delivery of learning this year (yellow or red). This system will allow for students to focus on only four classes for each quarter (nine weeks). This method will also allow for our high schools to effectively follow a Hybrid Model of instruction when we are deemed in “Yellow”, allowing students to learn face-to-face on an alternating day schedule, but with limited numbers. (See below for the Team 1 and Team 2 explanation). The pace of each class will be based on a traditional model (every day), so students will need to be aware that they will technically have each of the four classes EVERY DAY, regardless of Hybrid or Remote learning. If students are in class with face-to-face instruction, they will be online for that same class the following day.

The 4-by-4 Block Model for high school instruction will allow for an easier transition between Yellow (Hybrid) and Red (Remote) instruction.

The following explains how student schedules will function:

1st-Quarter: Students will be enrolled in their 1st-Semester A-Day classes only, following their schedule for periods 1-4.

2nd-Quarter: Students will be enrolled in their 1st-Semester B-Day classes only, following their schedule for periods 1-4.

3rd-Quarter: Students will be enrolled in their 2nd-Semester A-Day classes only, following their schedule for periods 1-4.

4th-Quarter: Students will be enrolled in their 2nd-Semester B-Day classes only, following their schedule for periods 1-4.

If we are in Hybrid Learning, students will alternate the days they will attend class, every other day.

Click here to view the Alternating Day Schedule for Fall 2020 calendar.

Team 1 & Team 2 Designations

Each student has been designated a Team for Hybrid (Yellow) Learning. Students are designated to a team based on the the parent last name that is first listed in PowerSchool. A-K are designated to Team 1; L-Z are designated to Team 2. These teams are district-wide, not set by individual schools.

Administration and counseling staff have been working hard to balance students in classes to ensure teams are as close to equal as possible. This allows for proper social distancing in classes. Because of this, it will be rare that a student’s team designation will be changed.

Student Schedules

Schedules should be available in PowerSchool on Monday, August 24th.

Student and teacher schedules are still being adjusted and balanced to accommodate the team designations. Due to this, scheduling errors will be given top priority in changing a student’s schedule. All other requests must meet the guidelines outlined on the Schedule Change Request form and will only be considered if space allows.

Only schedule change requests submitted online will be reviewed. Click here to access the Schedule Change Request form. This can also be found on our school website in the Counseling section.

Printing schedules: All students need to have their schedules before the first day of school, as schedules WILL NOT be printed this year. Students can create their own copy by taking a picture with a cell phone, printing it at home, writing it down on paper, or having access to the PowerSchool app on a smart phone.

Teacher Assistants: RMHS will not be scheduling traditional Teacher Assistant positions this school year.

A Few Things to Know for Hybrid (Yellow) Learning:

The following information will be applicable if we are in Hybrid (Yellow) Learning:

Lockers: We will not be issuing student lockers this school year. Students will be allowed to bring backpacks/laptop bags to classes.

Lunch: Lunchtime procedures will be communicated with students. The cafeteria will be serving food to students, but students will not be eating in the cafeteria, as we will have to ensure physical distancing of the foodservice lines. Students will be encouraged to move outside or to the hallways of the main building to eat their lunch. We will be looking for all opportunities to encourage social distancing in these locations as well. Students are encouraged to eat lunch at home whenever possible.

Student Arrival to School: Students will be permitted to enter the school building as early as 7:15 am; however, when students enter the building, they will be expected to immediately report to their 1st-period class. We will not be allowing students to congregate in the hallways.

Technology Updates

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One-to-One Devices: ALL of our RMHS students will be assigned a laptop for use for the school year. These devices will have the applications necessary for students to access for their school work. We will communicate our distribution plan for laptop pick-up as soon as we know how we will be starting school (Hybrid or Remote). Students will also be issued a case for the laptop to help ensure its protection.

Expectations: Students will be expected to bring their WASD issued laptop to class and back home daily. It is crucial students take great care of their device. Because this device is being assigned to individual students, parents/students will be held liable for any damage or lost devices.

Click here to read the expectations for Computer/Network Use and Conduct in the WASD High School Handbook (pg 20).

Microsoft TEAMS: All of RMHS teachers will be using Microsoft Teams as their online platform for delivering content and assignments to our students when they are working remotely. This platform will be utilized during face-to-face instruction as well to help students establish routines and understand how to access learning materials and assignments when they are learning from home.

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Grizzlies, We'll See You Soon!

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