Scientist of Tectonic Plates

Zaira Holguin 1/13/15. Science 6th period

Abraham Ortelius 1527

Major contribution of geology:"Thetrumorbis terrarum"

Why was it important:It was for a a great map and was put in Threatrum.


James Hutton (The Founder of Modern Geology): 1727

Hypothesis or theory: Hutton says God built a great "world machine," and certinly no "evolutin."

Evedince: origin of the earth and of atmophere change.

Why was it important?: Hutton theological thinking about cycles led to his most significant geological contribution.


Alfred Wegener 1880

Hypothesis or theory:About the continental drift.

Evedince: Experiminted with kites and balloons.

Why was it important?: By1960 they had seen (Hess) that Weagnerss chief idea as well.

Alfred Wegener was a meteordogy (a scienctist who studies weather) before he had become a geologist.


Harry Hess 1906

Hypothesis or theory: That the sea-floor was spreading from vents in the raft.

Evidence: Hess measured the ocean to the deepest points to todays dates .

Why is it so important?: He used this data whiched helped.

(question at the bottom) Arnold Guyot.


Dan McKenzie 1942

Hypothesis or theory: About plate tectonics.

Evedince: He showed it through a model proving his theory is right also by using math evidence.

Why was it important?:It showed us what the plates are, it was also the first article about it.

Sources: Dan McKenzie-e-education institute.