Aspiring Leaders Academy Book Study

Effective Supervision by Marzano, Frontier, and Livingston

Book Study Requirements

All participants must complete one of the two following options:

1. Attend one of the two offered book club meetings. (Dates: February 3rd, 2016 or May 25th, 2016)

2. Complete a summary project.

It is highly recommended that you attend one of the face-to-face sessions to collaborate and share your thoughts and findings with your cohort. However, if your schedule does not allow, be sure to complete the summary project, All particiapants need to be prepared to discuss (book club) or write the answers (summary project) to the following questions:

Summary Project Question 1:

The authors discuss five conditions that leaders must cultivate to develop teacher expertise. What actions can school leaders take to create these conditions in their schools that will support and develop teacher expertise? Cite text evidence in your response.

Summary Project Question 2:

Reflect on this quote from the book:

"New learning is like wet cement; it is easily damaged. An error at the beginning of learning can easily "set" so that correcting it later is harder than correcting it immediately."

What implications does this statement have for you as a school leader with regards to your teachers, as well as to the students in your care? Use evidence from the text to support your thoughts on this topic.

Summary Project Question 3:

In Palm Beach County we are experiencing an implementation gap with regards to the Instructional Framework. How can you, as a school leader, assist in closing this implementation gap? What talking points would you choose to create buy-in? What actions would you take? (Use the book to frame your words and actions.)