Much Ado About Nothing

By: Dominick Hendricks


Claudio is a good man who is trying to find a wife, and so id Brad Pitt. I think Brad Pitt could play Claudio because they are both good looking. This would help the audience realize why Hero wants to marry him out on such a limb. He is also very sophisticated so that helps him fit the role of Claudio.


Hero is a young and very beautiful lady who only wants to please her father, this is why I believe that Anne Hathaway is perfect for the job. The first thing these two have in common, is their stunning good looks. They are both beautiful characters mentally and physically. Also these two both share the age group that would be getting married in their respectable time periods. This would make the production more real for everyone watching.


Benedick is a stuck up man, just like Robert Downy Jr. Robert Downy Jr. looks the part of a very sophisticated and intelligent man, which describes Benedick perfectly. He too also fits the age range perfectly. Robert Downy Jr. is the perfect Benedick.


The set up of Claudio and Hero was a big event in Much Ado About Nothing. This led to the disapproval of Claudio and made the end of the play so dramatic. This event also showed us Don Johns real motives for hate against Claudio.

The wedding where Claudio went off was yet another big event in the play. This was huge because it showed that Don John got what he wanted all along. It also ruined Hero's life.

That then led into the "revival" of Hero and to the second wedding.

The second wedding happened to be a big event too. This was the final part and showed us all how everything works out in the end. Also, this gives a happy ending so that everyone was happy in the end. Also leading into Beatrice and Benedick's love for each other.


The theme in this play, jealously, was well represented by the song "You'll Think of Me" by Keith Urban. First, this song represents jealously because Keith Urban sings about how he can't get over a girl. Also in this song is says, 'But you'll think of me, you'll think of me.' this represents that she is also thinking about him in the song and that what they had together was real. Don John in the play does not like this, and he is jealous that Claudio got the girl, so he tries to sabotage them. This song is a good representation of the theme.