Monday Message

From the desk of Dr. Harrell

October 5, 2020

We are in the last week of our first quarter. This quarter has been like no other. However, you have made it work, and work really well. We have been completely virtual for four weeks, are in the fourth week of in person and virtual, and the window for parents to change the learning model is currently open.

Today, October 5th is World Teachers’ Day. A day set aside to recognize the work teachers do every day and throughout your career. If you are not a teacher, take a moment to thank one or reflect on those who made a difference in your life. If you are a teacher I want to say ‘Thank You’ and encourage you to take time to send a note, a text, or message to thank your colleagues. The profession of teaching has not experienced a more significant period of change in the last few months. The following clip captures quickly some of what teachers do and have done and I want to share it.

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly added to the challenges faced by an already over-extended education system. Each one of you at the very core work to reach every student and to leave no child behind. It is no exaggeration to say that the world is at a crossroads and now more than ever it will take the teacher’s leadership and skills to reach out to our future preparing students for what lies ahead. The issue of teacher leadership in relation to crisis responses is not just timely, but critical to note in terms of the most recent contributions teachers have made to provide remote learning, create on-line and in-person lesson plans, support vulnerable populations, reopen schools, and ensure that learning gaps are mitigated. Each one of you has been called to the profession, I have faith in you.

Last, I want to share a video with you, one I shared last year about this time. I watch it on occasion for its humor and insight, but also the reality of what it takes to do the work. I don’t know if she ever uses the term grit, but the more I listen to it she describes the type of grit you have to have to do the work.

You deserve more than just one day!

Take Care, Have a Wonderful Evening.

I Do Believe in ‘U’!

Dr. Harrell



Congratulations to Uvalde High School's Tennis players who are the District 29-4A team tennis champion for 2020! Team members include:

Ashley Garcia and Brianna Amor (front two, left to right)

Jacob Flores, Damian Veingand, Elizaria Hernandez, Elizabet Phillips,

Michelle Miller, Allison Goggans (second row)

Coach Terri Rambie, Gilbert Garza, Ben Morales Colton Gaston, Jonathon Garcia,

Jack Brock, Ty Gonzalez, and Coach Eric Mahler (back row)

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UCISD & SFE Refillable Water Bottles

4,200 refillable water bottles have arrived in our district. SFE so graciously partnered with our district to contribute to the purchase of refillable water bottles with both the UCISD and SFE logos. The refillable water bottles are being distributed to campuses throughout the week. We are thankful to SFE for the contribution and support!

Anthon Elementary

Coach Sandoval at Anthon Elementary included a former Lobo to help teach running in place techniques to Anthon Scholars. Gabriela Gonzales demonstrated the proper running techniques while Coach Sandoval encouraged students to virtually run along. We are thankful Gabriela a 2016 graduate of Uvalde High School who ran Cross Country and Track willing gave of her time!

Thank you Coach Sandoval for your creativity in teaching PE Skills and highlighting former students!

Skill Running skills Gabriela

Batesville Elementary

Mrs. Lynn Simpson reads the "Three Cabritos" by popular demand. This cute story is included in the AR Testing system. Mrs. Simpson reads the story with great entertainment!
The Three Cabritos

Crossroads Academy

At Crossroads Academy the staff is working to model their outlooks and approaches for students. The Crossroads Team reminds each other daily of the important work they have to accomplish, and the great foundations the teachers and students have already set. With masks, social distancing, and an increased focus on hygiene being the new norms, the team has charged into the new normal with the energy and excitement that the teaching profession and training have instilled in the staff. For as much as things change, how the staff loves, cares, and strives to educate is a truer constant on the campus.

Dalton Elementary

We are so excited to have our in-person learners practicing healthy habits and engaged in their learning. Our kindergarten students in Mrs. Lancaster's class are focused on writing the letter of the week. Each student uses their interactive writing notebook as part of daily instruction in ELAR.
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Flores Elementary

At Flores Elementary students are actively engaged in the classroom and virtually. Academics are supercharged with active discussion, exploration, and virtual collaboration.

Morales JH

Benefits of the Dual Language Program

Benefits of the Dual Language Program #3

Robb Elementary

The Art of Teaching evolves and adapts as the environment, culture, society, and needs change. The teacher is able to adapt to the learner's style, engaging the student with good questioning techniques, positive reinforcement, positive relationships, structured procedures, and routines and their reflection of love, belief, and enthusiasm for what is being taught and who they are teaching.

Teaching under the COVID Guidelines and requirements of the State has challenged teachers to become more courageous, creative, collaborative, critical thinkers, and problem solvers while managing students that are physically present and students that are virtual with both learners needing the same support, validation, and connection.

To understand the challenges being faced in the classroom at the moment under the lens of an educator is inspiring and promising in that whatever unknowns may arise, the heart of teaching will continue to beat and thrive ensuring a brighter tomorrow. The Art of Teaching is as strong, influential, and necessary as the greatest being to ever walk the Earth called Teacher.


90 Seconds of Excellence

Uvalde High School

Uvalde High School Principal's Corner

Guest - Olga Charles, ULN: Newspapers in Education

Topic: The Uvalde High School Yearbook

UHS PC 10.20.20

KVOU District Update

On Thursday, October 1st, our district was represented on Coyote Country 104.9 KVOU by Mr. Castillo, Mr. Escamilla, and Dr. Harrell. The interview segment included an appreciation of our campus principles in honor of Principal Appreciation Month, district information, Learning Model Change Request, and a campus update. It was a great opportunity for us to share district information.
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Coyote Pact

We have a shared responsibility to take steps to minimize the risk of COVID-19 infections on our campuses. Every member of our Coyote and Lobo community – including you – must do their part.

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Honey Bowl Guidelines

Visit the Honey Bowl Guidelines for information on events, safety, and health protocols.

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