Team Freatman

Conference Updates

An exciting weekend in Phoenix!!!

What an exciting weekend we all had in Phoenix last weekend at our first annual National Convention! We heard so many inspirational stories, met our new executive team, bought lots of awesome swag, and loved our new product launch for fall!!! By far, everyone's favorite saying was "Everybody Gets One"!!!! Personally, I can't decide which new item is my favorite - loved it all!!!

It's all good!!!

What is stopping you?

It was so refreshing for everyone to meet our new executive team at the conference. Many had the opportunity for an personal meeting at our Director's training on Thursday and everyone had the pleasure of being introduced to them on Friday. Here is what I have come to realize from our "Mother's Day" sell out! Yes, it was a huge growing pain and a big hurdle to overcome, but we did it. I see the caliber of talent that the nest has brought in during the last two months and am wowed!! Not one person is anything less than amazing and they have all willingly left fabulous positions and have years of experience - all to come to O2. Every one of them stated they have never seen a company with as much heart, culture, and have never seen sales like ours in the first year. Had we not had our Mother's Day and Dock Strike issues along with our fabulous growth, I doubt O2 would have had to find help as soon as they did. The silver lining to all of this is that our company has come out of it stronger and wiser. We now have people positioned to create the tools we need, and these tools are all in the process of being created as we speak. New, reliable faster computer systems that will be on our own server, training programs, larger warehouses that can house better manufacturing and packing practices - these are all under way. This coupled with our amazing design team who continues to bring us product that is ahead of the trends is so exciting. Our futures just keep getting brighter and brighter. Plus, we are not too far off from not having any wait list at all!!! This is one of the new teams top priorities!!! Be sure to start filling your calendar in August for a strong 4th quarter. Now is the time to build your business and reach for the stars - don't sit back and wish you had. Now is the chance you have been waiting for because O2 has not peaked with their start up yet - it is going to be an amazing fall!!!

You can achieve anything you set your mind to!

We learned from all the incredible stories this weekend that you have the power to change your life. O2 gives us the tools, but you have to choose to make the change. This dream is possible for anyone willing to step out of their comfort zone and go for it! I believe in all of you and encourage you all to take this wonderful opportunity that is being laid out before you and run with it! Dream big!!!